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Thread: Thread Closed to Plagarism.

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    Great Post Chriss.

    I have added this to my web site along with your name for the credit.

    Thank You.

    P.S Please ignore popups from my site these are due to my free host.

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    Thanks guys, if i get a good response, i will keep on top of this and provide updates when they come out (or when i find them :P), but can ppl stop giving me negative antipoints please, i havent stolen any1's idea's.

    Nice list- but its been done before and it was even done earlier this same day
    like allenb1963 said ... Stolen idea
    i don't know but i don't see why you would post in an old thread to advertise your idea that you simply took from allenb and then posted the link in his thread... you just may be the biggest ass of all times, with a brain that fits in your anus

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    Don't complain ChrisWuk!
    antipoint should not be a goal, just a tool to get rid of asses.
    Anyway u've got plenty of pos on that thread.

    There is a lot of reccurent thread on AO!!! Maybe a solution will be to create new page highly visible & accessible from the home page like:
    - the 50 security top tools
    - Common UDP, TCP , IP ports
    - What is a proxy
    - the 10 top linux distros
    - "My firewall says I have a troyan" How-to get rid of ity
    - ...
    [shadow] SHARING KNOWLEDGE[/shadow]

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    its ok for newbies

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    Hey ALLENB how can you sit there and neg chris for doing the same thing i gave you the heads up on yesterday. For anybody that didnt notice before he took the thread down allenb had done the exact same thing with a difrent thread on a new worm warning. I didnt neg him i just let him know that there was allready a thread posted. he thanked me profusely. Even gave me greenies for letting him know. Oh yea and the thread that allen had done an acidental repeat of was in the top 10 and the worms name was in the thread name. just something for all you guys jumping chris overthis to think of. I think allen is just ticked because chris put more work into this one than he did his.

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    Just found this site after getting a broken link in one of ChrisWuk hyperlink through
    smilies are ON

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    Looks like you just solved that crime micky05.

    Anyone who does a comparison would see some pretty compelling evidence of possible plagiarism.

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    Originally posted here by micky05
    Just found this site after getting a broken link in one of ChrisWuk hyperlink through
    First you steal my idea, then you steal YOUR ENTIRE POST from another website?!?!?!

    You got balls, I'll give you can probably feel them on your throat because your head is evidently up your ass!

    [edit] btw Zomb, you'll note that I DELETED my post after you informed me the subject had already been covered. I didn't run and post a link to my thread in the original one. [/edit]
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    great find Mickey05. That guy has some serious cahones ( sp? ) to try that, especially with the amount of people on this site.

    Plagerism is a bad thing.

    Give a man a match and he will be warm for a while, light him on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life.

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    nice list ChrisWuk , but I`v seen it 2 minuts ago in another Web ..!!!

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