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Thread: Some faq's you should never ask.....

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    Some faq's you should never ask.....

    Hi all new members here I am going to give you some hints about some faq's which you should never ask anywhere, specially here, if you want to avoid getting banned or neg.
    One more thing... you are at the finest web site you could ever be, there is so many telented people here please try to take some knowledge from them. I mean, they wrote so many tutorials for free you won't regret to join here. But avoid asking stupid questions because this site is not going to help you if you are going to ask any of the following question.

    1. "How do I hack Hotmail?"

    2. "How do I hack yahoo!?"

    3. "Teach me how to Hack"

    4. "I know you guys are like amazing Hackerz but could you please help me to hack"

    5. "I think my Boyfriend is cheating on me, can you please help me find out? his email is"

    6. " How do I use a Trojan?"

    7. " Can you hack for me"

    8. " I wanna be a hacker show me, please!"

    9. "I hacked a windows 98 machnie with *Really* tight security I am now a Hacker"

    10. " I'm running low on cash can you please transfer some money to my bank account?"

    11. " I have no arms and legs, and am gonna die soon as my final wish could you please hack my enimies Hotmail account, please, please, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, I'll be your best friend!"

    12. "Unix is ****, I prefer Widnows, it's more stable and hard to crack"

    13. " My friend wont accept server.exe how do I make him?"

    14. " I wanna know how to program I already know, PHP, C, C++, VBS, BATCH, PERL, MACRO But I wanna get really good at them can you teach me?"

    15. "I'm new to Hacking, and I was wondering if you could teach me? First of all I would like to know How to Hack Hotmail accounts, for an example could you please Hack"

    16. "All of you guys negged me when I asked 'How can I hack Hotmail?' but you are all Lamers and I found a Hacker who is willing to help me he is elite and his name is Ub3rLamer"

    17. " To my dear Hackers, I would like to say you have wasted your time learning about hacking all you need to do is read all the text files from, after you will be an Elite"I didn't mean to offend any web site. This is just an example.

    18. " I forgot my Yahoo! Password, I have tried everything to get it back, but it's too hard, I come to you as a desperate man, please could you Hack into it for me and get all my important files! I'm begging! my user name is My_Best_Mates_Yahoo!_Account@Yahoo!.com"

    19. " I know this site that stole 100 CC's from another site! Please you must help Hack it and please put my name "1337 Hax0r! wuz ere" the site is


    21. "This site is hosting kiddie porn somewhere on the server help me hack it! the site is"

    22. "My best mate, installed a Trojan on my PC! I need revenage I was thinking maybe I should
    get revenage on him by hacking into his computer and reformating his hard drive, then uploading some really, really illegal hacking tools then phoning the FBI, could you please help?"

    23. " I have watched every Hacking movie their is then when I get my tools together to actually try and Hack, it's nothing like War games or the matrix! Please help me! I wanna hack like the matrix and War games!"

    24. " My life is fallen to pieces, I feel the world is comming to the end (For me anyway) please could you help me get my feet back on the ground and hack the follwing Hotmail accounts for me...

    Thank you in return I will help you find a job! God bless you XXXXXXXXXX"

    25. " I have read loads of Hacking text files, but I still wanna know,

    1. How to Nuke websites
    2. How to Deface webpages
    3. How to steal hotmail Passwords
    4. How to threaten celeberties

    Thank you, I only wanna know this for fun, I don't plan to do anything nasty"

    26. "What is the serial number for porno movie"

    27. " I forgot my serial number for XP can you please help me"

    28. " Where can I download Windows 2003 for free"
    and the list can go on and on. I am agreed with Noia just take your time before you shoot that question out.

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    Just 1 more:
    - I don't trust my girl friend, she's cheating me. Help me to keylog her!

    u could almost move that thread to tech humor
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    I can sum all of that up like this...
    AO uses Martian Law...yes...Martian...presume that you won't understand it unless you put time into it...I suggest that every one who joins stick around and don't post for about 2-3 weeks to see what goes on and how things work.

    - Noia
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    \/IP3R > good list, and quite humorus to read too, along the same lines check out the below tutorial if you havent already, it covers similar ideas plus a lot of other things one might not think about.
    Asking Smart Questions - pwaring

    Noia > how true, I actually didnt post for ages after I registered (actually I think I lost the address or something stupid) and once I did find the address again I just read through stuff since I was a bit intimidated about posting. Just observing for a month or so can definately be a good approach for newer members.
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    Re: Some faq's you should never ask.....

    Originally posted here by \/IP3R
    4. "I know you guys are like amazing Hackerz but could you please help me to hack"
    that one got me laughing!
    i havent been around here for long but do people seriously ask you guys these questions?

    btw- i thought your thread said "Some fags you should never ask...

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    Ahh so...

    I take it a request for info on "how to root kit my untrustworthy assistants Mandrake system.." may not be favourable..

    or I am reading all the tutorials (Like F... i'm too lazy), I find this security stuff confusing (I'm lazy), And reading all the posts on this site ( I'm really lazy and tend to exagerate), and haven't seen anything (blind too) on how to crack my dads Win98 Screensaver password...

    You mean things like that..... OK...

    BTW.. wots a Hotmail ... is that a p0rn site?

    (BTW I am not serious.. just bloody tired my attempt at Thanking Viper for his effort)

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    Excellent post - amusing and informative at the same time.

    BTW, I have been asked most of those questions via email as well as on AO, so I really am sick of them!
    Paul Waring - Web site design and development.

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    I loved the :
    16. "All of you guys negged me when I asked 'How can I hack Hotmail?' but you are all Lamers and I found a Hacker who is willing to help me he is elite and his name is Ub3rLamer"

    part. Darn, i almost pissed myself. LOL, at his name "Ub3rLamer" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Good thread anyways.

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    Oh man thats stuff is just to good. Definatley love the ub3rl4m3r. The said part is viper could probably cut and paste this thread out of othre threads we have all seen. wel okay maybe not ub3rl4m3r but the rest of it fits. Any NooB's that read this thread make sure you read it VERY carefully before you post. I suggested this in another thread and im gonna pop it out here. Maybe when people first sign up they should have to pass a short test on the site faq before they can post. any thoughts?

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    So true and yet so funny, great post....

    I have some doubts, does this one needs to be in the faqs, or should it be sticky, or should it be in tech humor.

    Let's ask a mod to broadcast it to all three...

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