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Thread: IQ laptop computer

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    IQ laptop computer

    hello guys,
    I want to know some informaton, I have got a laptop computer (IQ computer), of VTECH company.
    I want to know what is purpose of this computer.
    I am not able to know its language. it just like this there are some words

    offnen - spichern - drucken - ja - nein - eingabe - abbrechen

    how I can change its language into english
    can I install another OS , as win98 then how.
    what is the benefit of this computer.


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    It's german, offnen means open, spichern I don't know, drucken means press, ja means yes, nein means no, abbrechen cancel I think.
    I don't know how to change the language, it might be impossible.
    To install Win98 just format your harddisk and insert the CD, when the bootmenu appears choose "Boot from CD-ROM" the rest is all easy.

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    It's a toy.
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