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Thread: A few Bugs

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    A few Bugs

    Well I have esperanced a few bugs.

    1) Yesterday I posted in the wrong forum and I went to delete it, I deleted it and after I did that I when to post it in the right forum, but my posts went down by 2 (E.x I had 91 with the post up and when I deleted it, it when to 89 and I didn't posts two times on that thread) very weird. If you delete a thread does it take off two posts???? I don't think so because today I just deleted one and I when back Like if I never posted it. Is anyone else esperancing this problem or maybe I was seeing things but I made sure.......

    2) I don't know if anyone has posted about this but when you look under mood or location it's like Und er Grou nd or I have enough money to last me my life, unless I buy som ethi ng?????

    3) When I post my own thread and I go to GCC (Where it's posted), right of the topic it says views and mine says 0 when there are like 12 replies???

    4) When I make a new thread and 5 mins later I go back to it and it says 1 replie/s when there is 2 hmmmm...... Am telling you am not seeing things .

    5) Over all ANTIONLINE (AO) IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just wanted to bring this to you......Thankyou

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    Umm.. the posts going down could be because a thread went *poof*. Neg and I were "removing" some threads yesterday.

    As for the other thing... hrmm....
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