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Thread: Framework is gone!!!

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    Framework is gone!!!

    I just PM'ed Framework about something and it automattically replyed back that he was gone and wouldn't be back until the end of August. We have temporarily lost one of our newest biggest posters in here! I think the forums are going to be a duller for a while now! I hope he comes back sooner than August though!
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    Exclamation This should be said.

    Man you shouldnt have done that SS, sorry for the fact that you lost your points because "quite a few people" don't like me. Just more proof that alliances on this site are still alive and well, and will be until someone look's into it. Just ask debwalin. Does anyone in here think that losing upwards of 1000 antipoints in the course of a month is normal??

    If someone had the guts to look into these alliances maybe, just maybe people would be able to enjoy posting here without fear of this sorta thing. Don't bother wasting your neg's on me, i won't post here again.

    Get real, how many of you on this site are actually naive enough to think that these alliances arent still here?

    It's the same thing on this site everytime, i have had over 9 account's and have been various members since 11-15-2002.......It never changes no matter how hard i try to overlook the comment's in the Ap box, it still makes me wanna leave, and dont say i havent given it time, like i said i have been various members since 11-15-2002.

    Neg it, flame it, then let MsMitten's do her job and dump it, shouldnt take long...

    The End.

    And in response to a thread in the addicts forum, yes people do have multiple accounts(10 is not out of question....... hey i had 9), and they can assign antipoints from them, even if they change the email's. You might wanna change that feature.

    And for future reference, when you see an account with around 30 post and 9 or 10 green dots beside the cautious, because something is almost definately aloof.

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    Framework, or whoever your name is. You have posted the EXACT same message in about 5 different threads that I have seen, and probably more that I haven't seen.

    Let it go. I'm sorry you are upset, but if you have been here as long as you claim to have been then you will know that complaining about AP's and alliances is not helpful at all.

    Good bye, good luck, and we'll see you later I'm sure.

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    Hey you *trying not to cuss* dont you see the point in my thread? If you knew how serious this problem is then you wouldnt just discard it in the manor you have. It's a real problem, and im sure you will find this out during you time here.

    Yes i will see you later.


    and your right about the spam, one is enough.

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