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Thread: DoSing fun!

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    DoSing fun!

    So, here I am sitting, on my IRC server, just after watching Quad and J tear some dumbass up. Anyways, I'm sitting here, and all of a sudden I notice some people start to ping out like mad, I'm like, "Wow that's kind of odd.....thats alot of people to ping out at one time. All of a sudden loonyservice netsplits from me, and I'm like.. "Something funny is up" now seeing as I'm on quite fast cable, I'm put in an odd situation. I check up on BitchX on tty0 and then I change up on tty1 and I start getting odd messages, like "61.236.217.xx sent an invalid ICMP error to a broadcast.".

    All of a sudden, I start to wonder, is that dumbass that Quad and J showed up, trying to attack me now? So, I wait for two or three more messages, and tell the channel I think I am getting attacked, but they probably knew that becasue I was lagging quiet abit at the time. I ask some people if they notice the lag, and if they know what excatly was going on, I block out imcp packets with IPTables, and loonyservices connects back up, we trace the pc back to somewheres in Asia, then the guy that Quad and J were putting to shame speak up.

    [19:01] <mike> HEH
    [19:01] <mike> MicroBurn: this is what happens when i get mad.
    [19:01] <mike> owned.
    [19:02] <mike> right now im just being annoying
    [19:02] <mike> but if i want i can just drop the server totally.

    Well, turns out he didn't, and he can't.....oh well...*sigh*

    After the attack is block, I sit there, watching the recieve light for awhile, and my server goes back to normal. Anyways, the next day he goes on to call me a lamer, I just laugh and make fun of him.

    Anyways, I was bored, so I thought I would post it....

    Let's hear your storys or fun and excitement.

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    Gota love the lame script kiddy trash talkers. And thats all he can do is talk. He has already proved that.
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    I would never tear anyone up. I am just a little ray of sunshine out to brighten everyones day.
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    imagine all of them thinking that they actually did something!


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    lol, DoS attacks are just a waste of bandwidth. Not only do they affect the target, but I'm sure significant ones can also affect ISPs as the traffic goes through them to the victim. Definately one of the more childish things someone can do on the internet.
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    mmm....tries to sound cool and uber...yet cant even carry out a simple DoS, and mind you im not sayin DoSing is always simple, and no offense to your server MB, i love it, but c'mon, how f**kin lame can you be? and on a side note, im sure there are ppl out there looking for this mike, unfortunatley DoS attacks are very hard to trace with out the proper forensic tools, but still doesnt negate the fact that everything comes back 10 fold. take ti easy people.
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    Originally posted here by hatebreed2000
    mmm....tries to sound cool and uber...yet cant even carry out a simple DoS, and mind you im not sayin DoSing is always simple.
    Personally I think its very easy. You could just send random UDP data and that could DoS but alot of times you'd probably end up knocking yourself offline aswell, You could ping and do ICMP floods, you could setup trojans that appear to be port-scanners but they are actually syn flooders. The worse part is all it takes is some knoledge in TCP/IP and Sockets programing to do a DoS attack.

    But cheer up. If the DoS attack went wrong for him... and if he called you a lamer then what he was really trying to say was "BooHoo my toy doesn't work & im very pissed".

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    [19:01]<mike> owned.
    Like mike, if I could be like mike. :P

    Dick head.
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    Hi all

    But cheer up. If the DoS attack went wrong for him... and if he called you a lamer then what he was really trying to say was "BooHoo my toy doesn't work & im very pissed".
    ROFL. How very true indeed.

    I do find it hillarious how some people like to waste time.

    Sadly i see these things every day, since i run many chatrooms on different servers, aswell as my own ircD. If you actually run your own public ircD then you know what i mean. Its been like this years ago, its like this now, and it will sadly always be like this. It never changes. Only the nicknames change (and that not always). I was wanting to put up a section on my site called "Hall of Lame" and copy paste all these lame discussions on there. I saw a similar "Hall of Lame" on the BitchX site (or was it the unrealircD site, dont remember anymore). Any ways, anyone babbling that nonsense out in a chat room is no one to be scared of. Be more scared of single packages that might appear rarely. Not something that comes with full power at once. Its also known as "polite" actions/scans/whatever.

    Thanx to this site here though, these lame kiddie attacks can be delt with easily. I dont mean to say that a proper DoS is harmless, it can be very harmful, but the ones you meet on irc like the example on this thread are not a match for a halfway proper secured system.

    Does anyone of you remember the oldschool +++ATH0 attack? There is still no proper countermeasure for it unless you edit your modem properties or your kernel depending on your OS. I myself fell victim to that just 2 days ago, kicking my dialup offline. But...thanx to AO and google, that sort of attack is not an option anymore on my system. Ahhh, i will go and start a thread about this ATH0.

    Cheers for the laugh microburn.
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    We're all behind you man, He's so lame he even can't do a decent DoS...:P
    Anyway , I think this thread should be moved to tech humor... haha


    ***edit*** BTW Juridian how come you're still a newbie with 176 posts ?
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