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Thread: Certified Hackers?

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    Certified Hackers?

    Hi guys/girls,

    I just found this site and I think it's interesting to look at. Training for good/white hackers/security training expert ??
    Intense School has developed a program that brings together the hacker's mind and a professional security testing methodology. To learn "How" to perform valid security tests requires proper training and experience. Intense School's Professional Hacking Program is a hands-on, methodology-centric approach to developing the skills of a Professional Hacker and beyond. The courses focus on the technical skills necessary for security testing and the business skills necessary for providing justification, efficiency, and understanding contemporary business needs.

    CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) Certification
    The CEH certification is a leading international certification requiring the competencies of a Professional Hacker. The objective of the certification is to evaluate a person's skills as a capable, up-to-date and self-sufficient security tester. Certification involves passing a challenging examination, requiring knowledge of skills acquired by hacking and assessing the vulnerabilities of systems using a wide range of tools and techniques.
    Or check this one :
    Intense Hacking: Mitnick's Social Engineering Workshops
    While you may have a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you've patched all your servers, deployed the best firewalls and instituted the latest multi-method authentication techniques, the world's most celebrated hacker can show you how - in minutes - he can neatly bypass your hardware arsenal and extract your company's crown jewels.

    The simple fact is this: People are, and always have been, the most vulnerable aspect of any organization's security infrastructure - but this is more pressing today because information can be transferred more quickly than at any other time in history. One slip by only one individual in your organization, can release the equivalent of reams of sensitive data in mere seconds. There simply isn't time to respond unless you are prepared!

    Our Intense Hacking Workshop, taught by former hacker turned security consultant, Kevin Mitnick, and his long time colleague, Alex Kasper, will teach you why people are your greatest vulnerability, how the malicious hacker uses Social Engineering, and what can be done to minimize social engineering based attacks in your organization.

    In partnership with Intense School, Kevin and the team at Defensive Thinking have developed a one-of-a-kind workshop that will do more than any other event toward changing your view of your company's security.

    The source

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    Sounds hokey.
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    this looks pretty cool i gotta check this out
    CEH lol
    can u immagin handig out your buisiness card! "jo blow certified hacker at your service"
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    Wow, that is really cool. I've been hoping something like this would surface to the IT certification family. My only problem is that I live in Dallas, Texas. Classes seem to be only in California, Washington D.C., and Florida. (Sigh) Guess I gotta be patient.

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    In the UK there is a cirtificate issused by the goverment, so it has some real meaning, it can be found at they run an assult course, to prove if you are you it the job. I see the rest of the people in this thread are from the US, Oz and canada, do your goverments offer anything like that?

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    Seems to me like a big waste of money, if you review what's covered in that course, it's the same things that are covered in depth in the Hacking Exposed books. Why pay thousands of dollars on a class on how to use nmap and learning 2 b 1337.

    You know it's a load of crap when they start talking about e-z financing and industry recognize certification, I've never even heard of that Cert. before, looks like they pulled it out of thin air. Want an industry recognized cert. get a CISSP from then you'll b 31337

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    I believe Foundstone, ISS, etc.. all offer some kind of "hacking course" . I don`t believe the Govt does at the moment.

    Looks like the first course mentioned teaches you how to penetration tests, so will porbably be a prsentation of what you can find in any of the many hacking books out there. And the second one if a course on social engineering, which is only one area of hacking.

    Also, would you really want to be a certified hacker? Given the bad press that hackers have many companies shy away from anyone who has any hacking history. In fact if I remember the CISSP certification requires that you not have undertaken any hacking.

    And as a final thought how would you know the quality of your teacher? how do you know it isn`t just someone reading from the pages of hacking exposed and not someone who has actually been involved in hacking for a while?
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    i submitted all my personal information (well, not all, i did give a fake phone # ) in order to get some more info out of them, and they sent back an email with a phone # for me to call, probably to get me on the line with a salesperson for a high-pressure sales pitch. To me, if a company won't explicitly put pricing information right up front where you can easily find it, then there's something they're hiding. It sounds like a great idea for a course, but im sure there must be better and more legitimate ways of getting this kind of info.

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    For those who think it is fishy to get something like this in 3days, try to get same certification from legitimate site. they even offer self study and the material is just 200 dollars, most of us probably spent hundred of dollers on books like how to hack kind of BS, but I think it is a best deal, since most of other sites charge you so much of money for socalled overnight internet security expert. What is a lose to try this new course, hey, it is a same exam and you can study when ever you have time and can pass the test when you are ready to give it, and you have to same material for far less money.

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    no offense to the kevin fans out there, but i still don't trust the guy...
    i\'m starting to think that i\'m bound to always be the first guy on the second page of the thread.

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