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Thread: anyone want to help me with some cisco hw?

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    Unhappy anyone want to help me with some cisco hw?

    our teacher gave us an end -of-the-year 200 question packet. anyways heres 53 questions that i went blank on. if anyone could answer a few here and there i will consider you a god amongst men =]

    1 Which command will display statistics for all interfaces configured on the router?

    1 List interfaces
    2 Show interfaces
    3 Show processes
    4 Show statistics

    2 What provides sequencing of segments with a forward reference acknowledgment, numbers datagrams before transmission, and reassembles the

    segments into a complete message?

    1 Simple UDP acknowledgment
    2 Expectational acknowledgments
    3 TCP sequence and acknowledgment numbers
    4 Header checksums and data protocol checksums

    3 Which keys are pressed in the escape sequence to terminate the initial configuration while in setup mode?

    1 ESC
    2 CTRL-C
    3 CTRL-ESC
    4 CTRL-SHIFT-6 , X

    4 From the following list, what is the correct order of data encapsulation? 1. Segments2. Bits3. Packets4. Frames

    1) 1-3-4-2
    2) 2-1-3-4
    3) 2-3-4-1
    4) 3-1-2-4

    5 What is an example of a global parameter?

    1 IP address
    2 Network number
    3 Router host name
    4 Subnet mask

    6 Which command is used to download a new system image file from a TFTP server to a router?

    1 Copy flash tftp
    2 Copy nvram tftp
    3 Copy tftp flash
    4 Copy tftp nvram

    7 Which router component provides working memory for configuration files and routing tables?

    1 RAM
    2 ROM
    3 Flash
    4 NVRAM

    8 Which command will restart CDP if it has been disabled on the interface of a router?

    1 Activate CDP
    2 CDP enable
    3 Enable CDP
    4 Enable interface

    9 Which item best describes the difference between a routed protocol versus a routing protocol?

    1 Routed protocols are used between routers to maintain tables while routing protocols are used to carry user data.
    2 Routed protocols use distance vector algorithms while routing protocols use link-state algorithms.
    3 Routed protocols are used to carry user data while routing protocols maintain tables.
    4 Routed protocols use dynamic addressing while routing protocols use static addressing.

    10 Which command is used to configure a routing protocol?

    1 Router# rip network
    2 Router(config)# router rip
    3 Router(config)# routing rip
    4 Router(config)# routing protocol rip

    11 What is the function of the reload command?

    1 It reboots the router
    2 It saves the new IOS to Flash memory
    3 It loads a new configuration file in NVRAM
    4 It loads a configuration file from a TFTP server

    12 Which representations have the same meaning when representing the subnet mask?

    1 /10 and
    2 /15 and
    3 /21 and
    4 /24 and

    13 Which statement is true concerning port addressing?

    1 TCP ports 0-255 are for private applications
    2 TCP ports above 1023 are for marketable applications
    3 UDP ports 0-255 are for public applications
    4 UDP ports 256-1023 are unregulated

    14 Which two layers of the OSI model are described by WAN standards?

    1 Application Layer, Physical Layer
    2 Data Link Layer, Physical Layer
    3 Data Link Layer, Transport Layer
    4 Physical Layer, Network Layer

    15 Which statement is true of the count to infinity problem in routing loops?

    1 It is caused by the split horizon problem.
    2 It is a result of the packet's TTL value becoming too great.
    3 Only routers that use hybrid routing can overcome this problem.
    4 Routers that use hold down timers can overcome the problem.

    16 If a router has a serial interface S0 with IP address using a subnet mask of, what is the broadcast address

    used for hosts on this subnet?


    17 Which listing BEST describes commands that can be used to test a network?

    1 Show ip route, show interfaces, debug, telnet, network test, ping
    2 Show ip route, show interfaces, trace, ping, display network, debug
    3 Show ip route, debug, trace, ping, telnet, show ip trace
    4 Show ip route, show interfaces, debug, trace, ping, telnet

    18 Which condition best describes convergence?

    1 When messages simultaneously reach a router and a collision occurs
    2 When several routers simultaneously route packets along the same path
    3 When all routers in an internetwork have the same knowledge of the structure and topology of the internetwork
    4 When several messages are being sent to the same destination

    19 When sending data to a host on a different network, which address does the source host encapsulate in the IP header?

    1 IP address of the router
    2 MAC address of the router
    3 MAC address of the destination device
    4 IP address of the destination host

    20 What is used by distance-vector routing protocols?

    1 A topological database
    2 Link-state advertisements
    3 Periodic updates of entire routing table
    4 Shortest path first algorithms

    21 Which command can be used to check the boot field setting?

    1 Router# show version
    2 Router# show register
    3 Router# show running-config
    4 Router# show startup-config

    22 What is the first step a Cisco router performs after it is powered up?

    1 Empties contents of NVRAM
    2 Looks for the configuration file
    3 Performs a POST
    4 Starts the operating system

    23 Which type of protocol controls how and when routers communicate with neighboring routers?

    1 Media access layer protocol
    2 Routed protocol
    3 Routing protocol
    4 Transport protocol

    24 Which type of network would typically use a static route for external traffic?

    1 Fully meshed network
    2 Multihomed network
    3 Network with frequent topology changes
    4 Stub network

    25 A router received a packet with a destination address of Assuming a subnet mask of, what is the subnet

    network address for the destination host?


    26 Which device is normally an example of data circuit terminating equipment (DCE)?

    1 Modem
    2 Computer
    3 Router
    4 Multiplexer

    27 Which Cisco IOS command displays routing table entries?

    1 ping
    2 trace
    3 show ip route
    4 show interface

    28 Which configuration register mode causes a router to boot from the ROM monitor mode?

    1 0x---0
    2 0x---1
    3 0x---2
    4 0x---3

    29 Where does a router search for an IOS image if none is found in flash?

    1 RAM
    2 ROM
    3 TFTP
    4 NVRAM

    30 Which item best defines the ping command?

    1 Checks for connectivity at the application layer.
    2 Uses ICMP echo packets to verify connectivity and proper address configuration at the internet layer.
    3 Uses TTL values to generate messages from each router used along a path.
    4 Verifies the sliding window is set up properly.

    31 How many bits are in the network and subnet portion of a class B network with a subnet mask of

    1 18
    2 19
    3 20
    4 21

    32 Which layer of the TCP/IP model corresponds to the OSI network layer?

    1 Application
    2 Internet
    3 Network Interface
    4 Transport

    33 Which metrics are commonly used by routers to evaluate a path?

    1 EMI load, SDLC connections, deterioration rate
    2 Bandwidth, load, reliability
    3 Distance, hub count, SN ratio
    4 Signal count, loss ratio, noise

    34 What is a typical OSI layer 2 error?

    1 Broken cable
    2 Cable connected to the wrong port
    3 Improper clock rate settings on serial interfaces
    4 Incorrect subnet mask

    35 Which term refers to the amount of data that can be transmitted before receiving an acknowledgement?

    1 window size
    2 closed connection
    3 two way handshake
    4 expectational acknowledgement

    36 What determines how much data a receiving station running TCP/IP can accept before sending an acknowledgment?

    1 Protocol size
    2 Sequence numbers
    3 Transmission rate
    4 Window size

    37 What is used by a routing protocol to determine the best path to include in the routing table?

    1 Convergence time
    2 Default distance
    3 Metric
    4 Type of router

    38 Which command is used to backup the active configuration file from a router to a network server?

    1 copy tftp startup-config
    2 copy running-config tftp
    3 copy tftp flash
    4 copy tftp NVRAM

    39 Which command causes a router to boot from ROM?

    1 Router# boot system rom
    2 Router# boot system rom IOS_filename
    3 Router(config)# boot system rom
    4 Router(config)# boot system rom IOS_filename

    40 Which routing protocol maintains a complex database of topology information and uses link-state advertisements (LSAs)?

    1 RIP
    2 IGRP
    3 OSPF
    4 EIGRP

    41 What is a characteristic of IGRP?

    1 It is a link state routing protocol.
    2 Routing updates are broadcast every 30 seconds.
    3 The maximum hop count is 15.
    4 The metric for path selection is a composite metric using bandwidth and delay.

    42 What is exchanged to provide communication between two hosts' source and destination OSI peer layers?

    1 Packet datagrams
    2 Packet data units
    3 Protocol datagrams
    4 Protocol data units

    43 If a new LAN is added to an internetwork, which command would add the network to the routing table?

    1 Router (config)> ip route via
    2 Router (config)# ip route
    3 Router (config)# ip route via
    4 Router (config)# ip route using

    44 Which level of Cisco IOS allows only view status?

    1 User mode
    2 Enable mode
    3 Privileged mode
    4 Global configuration mode

    45 What is the purpose of the IOS enable secret command?

    1 To allow the user to establish password protection on incoming Telnet sessions
    2 To allow the user to establish password protection on the console terminal
    3 To enable the user to access the User mode
    4 To enable the user to enter a password that will be encrypted

    46 How are link-state routing updates triggered?

    1 By timers
    2 By topology changes
    3 By protocol changes
    4 By changing the NIC

    47 Which command is used to turn off the name-to-address translation in a router?

    1 no ip host
    2 no ip address
    3 no ip name-search
    4 no ip domain-lookup

    48 What is the result of executing the erase startup-config command?

    1 It deletes the active configuration file from RAM.
    2 It deletes the backup configuration file in NVRAM.
    3 It deletes the saved configuration file from ROM.
    4 It deletes the saved configuration file from the C:\ drive.

    49 Which name is given to a group of routers under a common administration that present a consistent view of routing to the external world?

    1 autonomous system
    2 Corporate system
    3 Domain name system
    4 Interior network system

    50 Which statements are true when configuring a router to operate with RIP?

    1 At the global configuration prompt issue the command "router rip." Then set up the IP address and subnet mask on each interface.
    2 At the global configuration prompt issue the command "router rip." Then issue the "network" command at the config router prompt for

    each directly connected network.
    3 At the global configuration prompt issue the command "rip." Then use the "network" command to indicate which network(s) to advertise.
    4 At the global configuration prompt issue the command "enable rip routing." Then set up the IP address and subnet mask on each


    51 Which OSI Layer would an incorrect encapsulation type on a serial interface be classified?

    1 Layer 4
    2 Layer 3
    3 Layer 2
    4 Layer 1

    52 How can a router learn a path to a destination?

    1 ARP tables
    2 DNS entries
    3 Dynamic routing
    4 Temporary routing

    53 Which metric is used in RIP?

    1 Bandwidth
    2 Delay
    3 Hop count
    4 Traffic load

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    i can't believe you actually posted all your questions on the post!!!! i honestly think you should find this out yourself to learn.... sorry brother.


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    its allright

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    Yeah... seriously... you should do the work yourself.

    How do you expect to learn it?

    Nobody will be there to help u take the tests or the certs... so do yourself a favor... whatever you don't know... start reading.

    If its the end of the year and you're having this much trouble with it... you may want to think about taking the course again.

    I know the material can be dry... but its essential.

    If you can get some hands on... you'd be much better off too.
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    Number 30 is 2 if im not mistaken
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    im sorry for asking help
    anyways these questions are frying my mind but MemmorY helped me get 50-53
    once again, sorry.

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    4 From the following list, what is the correct order of data encapsulation? 1. Segments2. Bits3. Packets4. Frames

    1) 1-3-4-2
    2) 2-1-3-4
    3) 2-3-4-1
    4) 3-1-2-4

    OK... I will try to help you out to get the answer on this one... For starters check out the OSI model... the answer will be there... You have information that needs to be sent from your computer to another...

    SO you have this message that not has to be broken up into pieces... It probably cant send the whole thing at once so it has to break things up...

    Next you have to pakage the info to prep them for transfer... This one you can look at the OSI model and see what hapens next... It is going to have something to do with IP...

    Then it has to pachage it again adding more header info... this will be the next layer down in the OSI model...

    Lastly it has to be put into 1's and 0's for the actual wire transfer...

    Hope this helps...

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