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Thread: news update script/blogger

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    news update script/blogger

    i need help to use a sought of blogger or a news update link like i need the same type which this page has in the centre at top in my journals coloum i need the same type same size for my home page... my index page cannot be fully php..i can put it in asp..can i use this script where can i find it..or how can i link it so that it opens in a frame on my homepage..


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    There are quite a few options when it comes to blogging scripts. I checked a couple of things with the source code of the page you referenced and from the general design of it nor the code, could I conclusively figure out which one of the major blogging scripts they used. Maybe they didn't. But you can.

    These links are comprehensive resources to several forms of journaling systems available free and for a small price. It's not going to matter which one you use as far as trying to get it to look like, because all that was done, was applied a specific layout to the journal and then put it into an iframe on the main page, and would be easily achieved with any script you decided to use.

    Inline frames tutorials:

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