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Thread: MSN 6 Beta Released!!!

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    Apparently Microsoft doesnt like it that people have there beta version of MSN 6. In fact the link here

    has a quote from m$ saying they urge people not to use it.

    "The company prefers to control the distribution, wants to make sure customers are using complete versions of the software, and wants to have feedback measures in places so everybody knows it is a beta product."

    Now...."feedback measures" could that mean a proffesional microsoft style of spyware? Nooooo couldn't be. So if anyone cares what microsoft says then I guess they can wait the two months for the real version. Meh. I like the thing.
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    Why use just MSN 6, AIM, or IRC when you can use all of them and Yahoo and ICQ in one chat program? Check out Trillian, I've been using it for quite some time and I must say it's excellent.


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    Is it just me or does MSN SUCK?
    I use IRC and have been doing so for quite a while.
    As usual I test the product before I review it and heres the verdict:

    Overall it went well, it installed fine on all my machines and ran perfectly, The webcam feature is MUCh better BUT. Microsoft still has lots of work to do on the GUI front.

    As always;
    Thats my two cents worth so...

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    Patch ..

    if any1 liked MSN 6 and plans to continue to use it i think this will come in handy

    -Run multiple MSN Messengers simultaneously (also known as polygamy);
    - Hide the 'User is Typing' message from your buddy's conversation window;
    - Log into MSN in 'Appear Offline' status;
    - Remove the little butterfly from the MSN Messenger icon;
    - Remove the ad banner.

    its for version 6.0.268

    i dnt like the "hide the 'user is typing' " option but i guess its the only patch around !

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    Anyway, I thought I read somewhere the beta version is not to be used for public because it was anly made for internal testing.
    (Maybe that's why I had problems with it)
    Well, in the mean while M$ released the new msn 6.0 preview!
    And I must say, it works properly!

    And what for Irc -> I like that one (maybe even more than msn messenger)

    By the way, you find the msn 6.0 preview here :


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