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Thread: shutdown mycomputer window ???????

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    shutdown mycomputer window ???????

    hello guys,
    I have installed two OS win98 & win2000 and I have 6 drives c,d,e,f,g,h
    there is such a strange thing, which I am facing,
    I can access d,e,f drives and can work on these, but as I access c,g,h drives, all
    mycomputer windows closed automatically.
    What can be the reason, I don't know. I have installed
    2000 yet by converting ntfs to fat32 on d: drive.


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    is that in both os's or just 98 or just 2000?
    and you converted from ntfs to fat 32? why was it ever ntfs?

    /me is confused
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    ntfs and fat32 are incompatible in that although ntfs can see, read and write to fat32 partitions, fat32 cannot see, read or write to ntfs partitons. This may or may not be related to your issue.
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    I do agree with Allen. and souleman about "why was it ever ntfs ?" .. u didnt not should to converted the NTFS.

    this is only my assume about your problem punjabian :
    1). You installed windows 98 ( Fat3s will be yoru File Type )
    2). And then you installed Windows 2000 ( there is 2 optioans for File Type "Fat32 or NTFS")
    3) From your question i can assume that u install NTFS on your HD when u installed windows 2000, and then when u run win98 you can not read the drive which u installed on NTFS
    4). U tried to converted the NTFS file into the FAT32 and then everything mess up.
    I could be wrong about that.
    So it would be safe for your system than u do back up on everydata on your HD into CD or something which can be placed by data.
    NTFS could read the FAT32 files , but FAT32 can not read the NTFS files ( on same Drive ). AFter u do backup the data try to reinstall the windows98 and when u try to install the win2k choose "Leave the current ....... " so u will safe.
    Thats only my opinion and could be wrong about these.
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    hello guys,
    but I have installed win2000 by converting ntfs to fat system again.
    and as I have describes as soon I open the drives c,g,h through win2000, window is automatically closed.


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    i see your problem .
    Why u dont try this :
    1). Install win98 on Drive C ( Fat32 )
    2). Install win2k on drive D ( Fat32 ) --- when u install the win2k, try to format the Drive D with Fat32
    it will be easily for you to manage the system .. so if the problem in win2k system u still could open or do yoru things on win98.
    Just make sure about the file type..

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    If I die before i wake, Pray the LORD my soul to take.

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    ok, I've got a quick question for you......why do you have SIX drives? Also, why would you want two nearly identical versions of windows on the same system? I mean, maybe Windows on one drive and Linux on another but it seems pointless to have both win98 *and* win2000. In reference to your question, I'd need a little more info to even attempt an answer and even then......other people on here seem to be much better qualified to answer a question like this.

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