Ok am on my last straw with this PC.

I have win98 running on my PC and then one fine day I get this parity error, am like what's going on. I trying installing stuff from CD, stuff I dowloaded etc and the system sometimes tells me bad cab file and other times it doesn't.

So, oh well I figure I have a data trasnmission problem, however am still thinking it may be a win98 problem. So, I go ahead and format the drive, put in my newly bought win2K cd and start to install it. Everything goes alright then somewhere during the install I start getting errors saying that this .dll file couldn't be copied, ensure your cd is placed in the drive and try again and this happens for a lot of files. So am like that's not right. So I stoped the instal and formatted again. Decided that myabe there's something wrong with the CD so I installed win98 again. Win98 installs like a charm no problem but after all is said and done when am running windows I get the same errors.

Oh ok.. maybe the system is fine, maybe it's just the IDE cables. So I go ahead and swap out all the IDE cables and for safe ground got a win2k update cd this time. I extracted the files to the hard drive and ran the instal from there. Everything starts up fine then when win2k reaches the file copy point I start getting errors again saying that a .dll file couldn't be copied etc.

Now am totally fustrated and I just don't want to believe that it's the motherboard but if it is I guess it is.

So, tell me what you guys think, you believe that's a motherboard problem or can something else be the problem?

Thanks in advance...