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Thread: <HTML>please help me again with</HTML>

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    <HTML>please help me again with</HTML>

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    Please help me again.

    2 queries i need your help with.

    1)--I only know the basics of HTMLing.
    I would like to know how and with what can i create drop-down menus on my page??

    2)--How do a web developer go about when creating a SITE??]
    What i mean is not for you to tell me that he starts by inserting <html> in notepad
    -> what i mean is when they get a client to make a site for, what questions does he ask him
    and what is needed, and how it is asked to the client??
    i need to make some websites for some people-> what info should i ask from them??

    Thank you

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    1) learn javascript for basic drop down menus, you can do it with flash as well but javascript is easy enough to begin with. If you don't have the patience to learn javascript immediately try using some of the premade scripts from the site below (you will need to fiddle around with them to customise it for your site but if you know some HTML you should pick it up easy enough)

    2) this is a huge topic.... and I doubt there is any 'stock' answer to this question. It depends upon what your clients requirements are. This is about effective communication with your client, finding out what they think they want, putting something together and then finding out what they really need. A few things for you to consider maybe

    - You need to know what kind of style they want their website to be...crisp and clean, grungy and a bit 'dirty', formal, informal etc.
    - what kind of colour scheme they are thinking of... dark, light, monochrome, polychrome?
    - what is the purpose of the website... to disseminate information, to sell something?
    - do they want it basic html with no 'frilly' bits... or do they want a full flash intro... do they want any additional bits... e.g. php, asp etc... do they even want it written in HTML (maybe they would want to consider XML).
    - do they want any graphics... if so what... does the customer have anything in mind or do you have free reign over what the graphics look like? Can you provide them with good graphics or are they going to provide the graphics?

    I could go on for a long time but I don't think it would help you in the long run - you need to decide what services your going to offer to clients as well... can you meet their requirements? When interviewing the clinet you need to come away with a written plan of what they have asked you for, do some inital pages to see if you are on track with what they are thinking... modify and redo the intial pages as appropriate... you might want to consider producing a 'portfolio' of websites in differing styles to show a customer. This is so that they can look at what you can produce, it might stimulate some ideas in them. The design process is very much a two way thing.

    I'm sure others will comment as well but hopefully the above will give you a few things to consider

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    These two forms helped a lot when it came to finding good questions to ask when developing a site. You could create a web based form from the two of these, customizing the questions to your needs...or make some print outs for the clients to fill in and for you to work with. I think you will find them both very useful.

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    Question 1.
    <form name="form"><select name="site" size="1" onchange="[this.selectedIndex].value, 'New')">
    <option value="">Tech News !
    <option value="">
    <option value="">
    <option value="">
    <option value="">
    The drop down list only consist of:
    <option value="">Tech News !
    <option value="">
    <option value="">
    <option value="">
    <option value="">
    basicly but that would be useless code since nothing gets done with your selection.
    So like said a bit of javascript or formhandleing knowledge is required.

    Question 2.

    Pretty much answered by Zonewalker and GreekGoddess.


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    Thanx ZoneWalker, you said exactly what i wanted to hear, and you convinced me to get a java book, thanx.

    GreekGoddess that is damn very damn good, you know , you help me alot last time thanx, and now this ,you mus be an ol' pro

    noODle -> i do know HTML(incl. FORMs), but dont know the finer points(well basically i know the BASICs)
    So i guess that only option must be to get an JAVA book.

    Thanx All for responding(and viewing) this thread,and helping me.


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