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Thread: Ultimate hacking tool

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    Exclamation Ultimate hacking tool

    ok being really bored I thought I would give the kiddies a real treat
    all the fun of defacing websites and hacking a server (all the really l337 stuff)
    with no fear of being caught!!!!
    and all done in flash?
    how you may ask well d/l the attached file

    still a bit buggy but is just something i knockled up quickly :P


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    Hahaha, that is some pretty funny stuff. Mwahaha. I up loaded it onto Unerror... Keep up the good work v_Ln.... hahahaha
    Come to

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    hahahah thats wicked. Damn do I ever feel like an ub3r #4><0r now.
    The internet, not just for stalkers and pervs, but for computer geeks too!

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