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Thread: Giving a user admin rights for a program on Win2k

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    Giving a user admin rights for a program on Win2k

    is it possible for the admin account on Win2k to grant a regular (power) user admin access only a specific program? if so, how can this be done? thanks.

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    I'm not quite sure I get this.. Do you want to give that one user admin privileges in that program alone?

    Generally if you are doing this with a program then that program needs to be built to use the windows authentication model. You tend to see this alot with distributed applications that use mts/com+ and can assign priviledges to programs using regular windows groups.

    There are other ways of doing it, but it all depends on if the program was built to handle that method or not.
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    if you mean you want to be able to run a program with admin rights, then you have to use runas. From the run prompt type runas /user:[admin account name] [path to program]. It will prompt you for the password, and thats all there is to it. Another timesaver is to create a batch file with the runas command in it and drop it in your system dir, then if you had a bat called "sudo.bat", you could type "sudo program".

    Another way you can do this is create a shortcut, or use the shortcut on the Start Menu and open its properties. You can check "Run as different user" and next time it runs, it will prompt you for a username and password.

    NOTE: You MUST have the runas service enabled for this to work.
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