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    Lightbulb win ghost

    Hello guys,
    I wnat to know about the software win ghost,tell me that what is the functionality of win ghost software. which install window in 3 minutes,
    Is there any effect on hard disk.


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    Sounds more like a question

    Win Ghost is a tracking-program. It tracks down other open window and when it finds it, Win Ghost will notify you. Set Triggers, Actions and Options and Win Ghost will help you in your daily computer work.
    After a simple google search I found the developers home page.

    You can download it there or at tucows.

    I don't think there would be any effects to the Hard disk other than you'd me missing a couple MB of space.

    which install window in 3 minutes

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    Me thinks He may be asking about "Disk Imaging" Software.. ie Norton Ghost..

    which install window in 3 minutes
    With "Ghost" you need a system installation already setup.. the Image is taken of the drive and stored either on another partition of the HDD , another HDD or on CD-ROM. This image can be updated, through a windows prog (your comment of Win Ghost).
    If the system need to be completly restored then the DOS interface is used to restore the image on to the primary partition.. this is called Cloning..
    As for the 3min Install..hmmm not so sure on that one.. certainly not with Win-XP.. the image size is approx 2Gb.. ..

    hope this very brief description helps..

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