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Thread: Something Similar to AIM+?

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    Something Similar to AIM+?

    i was looking for somethin similar to AIM+ that does basically the same stuff, but actually works with the 5.0 versions of AIM. Anyway know of any? Thanks

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    I'm not completely familiar with AIM and other clients, but i think trillion might be what your looking for (someone correct me if i'm wrong).


    Trillian is a multinetwork chat client that currently supports mIRC, AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger. It supports docking, multiline edit boxes, buddy alerts, multiple connections to the same medium, a powerful skinning language, easy importing of your existing contacts, skinnable emoticons, logging, global away/invisible features, and a unified contact list. It has a direct connection for AIM, support for user profiles, complete type formatting, buddy icons, proxy support, emotisounds, encrypted instant messaging to ICQ and AIM, AIM group chats, and shell extensions for file transfers.

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    I used trillian before, but i really didn't like it cause it messed up often for me. As for dead aim, that might work. I'll give you a pm :P

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    Darn I was neg to death. Grrrr everyone misunderstand me, I had that program before you had to pay. So I was just going to send it through mail. So you guys/ladys don't have to pay, NOT WAZER. Sorry if you misunderstood........................... Am just trying to have a kind heart and not a cold one.

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    Personally I like Trillian because it does more than just let you connect to the AOL IM server. You've got the chance of connecting to all the BIG chat servers out there like ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! AIM, and even IRC channels. To me that is a nice piece of work.

    Now I have the full version of Trillian too, which makes the expience even better. It's totally different than the freewear version they have out, I was very impressed. It might not have all the bells and "cool" things DeadAIM does, but there are some features that are the same.

    The only reason I state all of this is maybe because you might want to think about giving Trillian another try. They've had a few updates out within the past year which have solved a lot of problems they were having with their freeware version.

    Just a thought...
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