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Thread: how do you make a...

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    I'm hungry.

    *reaches for another bag of Bugles*
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    Hey hot can you send me a piece and Phire those were my bugels I just placed them there fo ra second. I have a good place to go and get receipts from it is pretty good place though HOtsex I would have to say if you are looking for the Recipe to something just go to Google. It saves you from getting negged. Btw It has everything.


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    Hehehe it is interesting though, kind of always make you look twice at these threads. We've had the two cooking request, the "how to spank the money" thing... lol I just like reading these threads just to see what kind of wacky stuff comes from them...

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    I got the biggest laugh out of prodikal's post Hahahaha

    look at his posts the total of 2 have been asking for recipies on a ****ing security site
    wtf do you think this is a recipe form ughh

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    That seems to be a problem with this board as well as others that assign "rank" by number of posts. You can have a really wise person that lurks and every know and then adds his 2 cents but he is considered a "newbie", but the guy who justs posts a "w00t" after every post becomes an "addict".

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    Well, I posted this in YIC. Just take a look, you will find it cool.
    Also theres

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    I'll just add one more link here

    *Shaking head laughing what next*
    I had to google 'jfgi' to see what it meant. The irony is overwhelming.

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