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Thread: Proxy servers' usage

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    Post Proxy servers' usage

    Every time You looking for a nice picture or reading a presentation of a book, your visite can be logged in. Everything: your IP[Internet Protocol; I won't tell about it because there are some people who did this], OS, screen resolution... Ofcourse, there are some ways to protect yourself, to keep anonymous:
    • to pay companies, that take care of this stuff
    • use proxy server instead
    How can You do that? Simply! Configure your browser and basta. Netscape - edit->preferences->advanced->proxy->manual proxy configuration nad click View. Then write proxy server and its port. Internet Explorer - tools->internet option->conection-> lan setings. Mostly common ports are 80 and 8080.
    Where can I find Proxy servers and their ports? You can try to find their lists or to guess. In this way You can check if there is any proxy of certain provider:
    If You got answer "Bad IP", u have to try another provider, because there were no proxies on this server, but if it shows ICMP echo, You may have found what You were looking for. Providers' lists can get looking for "ISP list" at or
    And there are some providers and ports:
    =- 80 80 80 80

    =- 8080

    -=AT - AUSTRIA
    =- 80 80 80 80 80 80 8080 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80

    -=CA - CANADA
    =- 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80

    =- 80 80

    -=COM - COMMERCIAL=- 80 8080 80 80 80 80 8080 8080 80 80 8080 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 3128 80 80 8080 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 8080 80 80 8080 8080 80 80 80 80 80 80 8080 8080 80 80 80

    -=DE - GERMANY=- 80 80 80 80 80 80 3128
    ultra1b.noc.fh-******.de 3128

    -=DK - DENMARK
    =- 80

    -=EDU - EDUCATIONAL=- 8080 8080 80 80 80 8080 8080

    -=ES - SPAIN
    =- 80

    -=FI - FINLAND=- 80

    -=FR - FRANCE
    =- 80 80 8080

    -=HR - CROATIA=- 80

    -=IS - ICELAND
    =- 80 80 80

    -=IT - ITALY
    =- 8080 80

    -=JP - JAPAN=- 8080 80 80 8080 8080 8080 80 80 80 8080 8080 80 80 80 80 8080 8080 80 80 8080 80 8080 8080 80 8080 80 8080 80 8080 8080 8080 8080
    I hope there were no problems reading this text... I did my best:]
    Don\'t ask for any information that you can get yourself. RTFM!

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    how do you use the ping proxy

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    I just want to point this out. You cannot just scan some ISP's server, and if port 80 or 8080 is found open, then use it as your proxy. It's the responsibility of the admin to make sure that the proxy has some user/usage limitation. But legally, you need to ask permission from the ISP to use any of their servers. Remember, your usage of the proxy can be logged by the ISP.

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    there are alot of things that need to be done legally but they're not. proxy scanning is the easiest trick in the book, jus get a proxy leecher and start. it also verifies the proxies so that u know which ones are anon, ssl, http and sock along with their ping time so u use the fast ones.
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    Hmmm....Yes... you can use proxies in this way. Is it legal...well not really. Not in the way you have described. If you are given permission to use the proxy..that is legal. If you just scan for a proxy and then start using the ones you have found....that is not legal. Even if the admin of the proxy was a total idiot and left it wide open.....unless it is stated by the owner of the proxy that it is for public will be breaking the law if you use it. Remeber, you are using the resources of another site (the proxy) and unauthorized use of it is considered theft. You may be able to use these and other "found" proxies and not get caught....then again....that one time in a thousand might bite you when you least expect it.
    You may want to reword you post. The impression I get from it is that you are trying to explain how to do something that is illegal. Alot of AO users have been negged big time for those types of posts. I am not saying that this is your intention, I am just telling you the impression I got from the post.

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    What are the legal implications for proxy lists? I know of some websites that offer such lists but they have no information about them, whether anybody is free to use them or not. On the other hand, if port 80 [8080] is open, an article found in an e-zine specified that it is not necessary illegal to use it [and it was a Standford prof doing it...]. So.. anybody know anything?

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    A nice program I have found for using SOCKS (4 and 5) proxies in programs other than IE (IRC, etc) is sockscap. Very simple to use, so I don't think I need to post instructions.

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    Exclamation Proxy Chains = More Anonimity

    I am on a [MustDie&copy;] machine, using IE 5.5 and i also hated the way web servers or services detected all information about me, here is what i did, or in other words, here is how i surf the web now....

    [Internet Explorer] => [Proximotron] => [Privoxy] => [JAP] => [SocksCap] => [Firewall] => [ISP Proxy Server] => [WWW]

    More Explanation :
    Proxomitron is a multi-threaded local web proxy server, that can block javascript, applets, redirections, modify headers(in/out), detect counters, stealth downloads and XXX dialersandannoying windows, popups, pop unders and many other content you will NEVER need .
    The Proxomitron Server

    Privoxy, is also a local proxy server, that can block access to webpages, parts of webpages, block banners, flash, pages background sounds, animations, cookies andmore based on rules defined by user, it is [gloworange]VERY[/gloworange] customizable and very small in size, installs very easy and needs no extra coding to start .
    The Privoxy Proxy Server

    JAP, a 99% anonymous surfing proxy server written in Java&trade; and runs in seperatememory space and have built-in debuggers and rule manager, the serivce is ALSO free like all mentioned here and runs as fast as thunder, worth a try .
    The JAP Proxy

    SocksCap is as you might now a local socks redirection service that makes all outgoingconnections through a chained socks server, more secure when on LAN/WAN or corporated network connections .

    Firewall, everybody must have one, [at least ], i personally use VisNetic From DeerField, try looking for it On ThisPage

    ISP Proxy Server: is the original proxy server your ISP provided you with to use by default, optional, a good idea is to install A4Proxy Here, and make some script in your preffered language that will daily suck 10 random proxy addresses from provider sites like, and get connected that day through a randomone maybe ...
    Free Proxy Lists

    WWW: The Internet ..

    This way, and if you manage to sucessfully tweak ALL these simple, yet effective applications to the most, i can guarantee that tracking you back will take 5 days if it before took 5 seconds, installing all mentioned applications is very simple, and they all will work from the first time, even though i recommend digging seriousley into privoxy, it can send such headers back to webpages that will make them even think you are being connectedfrom 28 world countires at once, havemy word on this ...

    after installing lal this, try Checking Your Proxy Anonimity

    Have Fun...
    Ruslan K. Abu Zant
    eReg(c) Internet Services | |

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    Bleh, This is getting beyond a joke now, It seems that it takes people all of 20 seconds to go to google, Throw in a few search terms, come back here and fill a page or two of links. Just to get tons of greenies, This post IMHO should not be in the tuts forum, Nowhere does it tell the users what a proxy is, How it works, Benfits of, reasons for using. Instead its just a list that would be better either in a different forum, or in /dev/null. I'm sorry but this really as to stop, Its killing the site and its really starting to put me(and other members) off.

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