Wardriving: War driving is the act of locating and possibly exploiting connections to wireless local area networks while driving around a city or elsewhere.

First and foremost, Wardriving is not hacking wireless networks, it is ONLY locating them, and in the case they're free networks, enjoy! With that in mind, let's continue, shall we?

What You Need
[list=1][*]Laptop[*]WLAN Card[*]Antenna (optional)[*]GPS (optional)[*]Software (see below)[/list=1] As for software, you'll need what's known as a "stumbler" utility. I use NetStumbler, which tends to be the norm for this kind of thing. There are other utilities and such that you can use, but those are merely optional. If you have an antenna, it will greatly increase your range for picking up networks. And as for the GPS, it can help you plot where the networks you found are.

Easy As Pie
[list=1][*]Grab all your shiat[*]If you have an antenna, set it up[*]Start NetStumbler on your laptop[*]Leave the comptuer somewhere where you wont be tempted to have some fun while you drive!!!!! this is worse than a cell phone![*]drive around[*]analyze results[*]what you do from here is ultimately up to you! (white hats vs black hats) muwahaha[/list=1]