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    What's the IRC ? And is it the same as the ichat servers ?? And if so, I need every possibile command, tips and trcicks related with ichat servers ???

    Thank u all...

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    the following is something I wrote but never finished,
    it should give you a general idea of what irc is though
    IRC: Internet Relay Chat

    This will be aimed at IRC newbies.
    I will give a basic explanation and then a lot of commands

    Internet Relay Chat History

    IRC has been around a long time. According to some sources it was born in august 1988. As you can see this was before the internet became mainstream and thus before all instant messaging services etc.
    The purpose was to allow for real time discussions over the internet and that is exactly what IRC does. It allows you to chat with people world wide in real time.

    Internet Relay Chat Servers

    To use IRC you will have to connect to an IRC server.
    Famous and big servers are:
    EFnet (
    Undernet (
    DalNet (
    These three are probably the most famous/big ones. There are tons more. Just fire up your favorite search-engine and search for them.

    Internet Relay Chat Clients

    To connect to a server you will need a client. It is possible to connect using telnet but I do not recommend this because it is a hideous procces. If you are using Windows you would probably be going for Mirc ( This is the most famous/used client on windows as far as

    I know. Other Windows clients are:
    BitchX ( This one is ported to many OS's
    XiRCON (
    There are more. Once again: use your search engine skillz to locate them.
    If you are using linux (don't we all) you will probably have a client by default.

    Internet Relay Chat Commands

    Once you are connected to a server you will need to find a channel to talk in. There can be many, many channels on a server.Channels usually have decriptive names like #Macintosh or #hackers.
    To find out all channels a certain irc network you can use the following command:
    Like said some networks have many, many channels so this can result in you waiting for a couple of minutes. Go to an undernet server and perform this command to see for yourself.
    Did you see the use of network instead of server before.
    Different IRC servers can be linked together to form a network.
    To find out it the server you are using is connected to any other server you can use

    Cool we have found out what channels there are on a specific network and we have found out to how many other servers the server is linked.
    Next step.
    We are now gonna participate in a channel.
    We will have to use the following command.
    /join #channel_name
    Some channels maybe protected and you will not be able to join them. I will get to that later.
    w00t we are in. It is good policy not to immediatly start spamming a channel with your comments.

    First lurk around a bit, find out what the talks are about.

    Now once you are in a channel you will see things like:
    *noODle slaps Cheese around with a big fat trout.
    To perform such an action use the command:
    /me action goes here
    You will probably see alot of abbreviations.
    To find out what these abbreviations mean:

    /me gets a beer cuz my hands hurt a bit from typing.

    If you are tired of your nick you can change it with:
    /nick newnick
    The people in the channels you are in will see:

    Now I will tell you how to leave the chat in a proper way.
    There basicly are two ways of stoppin.
    /quit and
    The first will make you quit IRC completly, the client will disconnected from all channels at once.
    The second one will let you just leave a specific channel and thus will need an extra parameter.
    /part #slackware will have you leave the channel called slackware but you will stay on the server so that you can join another channel.

    With both the quit and the part command you can leave a message to give the reason why you are leaving. Like:
    /quit oops I am late for class
    will give the channel a message like:
    * noODle has quit IRC (oops late for class)
    You may also see messages like 'ping timeout' or connection reset by peer'. These are special messages. I'll cover them later.

    When you are in a channel there sometimes are people who keep saying useless **** (excuse my french) or are just plain buggaroes. You fortunatly can ignore them by using:
    /ignore username
    Now you won't see messages from them again. You can also use /silence

    Sometimes you also might want to a message to ONE user instead of the whole channel.
    You can use:
    for that
    with the following syntax
    /msg username message
    /msg MicroBurn Don't you think tha l4m0r should be banned
    Which brings me to the next subject. You can also use /notice.

    In a channel you might see people with signs in front of their name.
    In different client the signs are different so I will use mirc convention here.
    @ means opperator. One who is control in the channel and can put bans on people.
    % means half operator. Same as operator but with slightly less privilidges.
    + means user with a voice. User with more privilidges than a standard user.
    There will also be Network Operator. These ones will have all possible controls on the network.

    Good we have absic knowledge of how to use IRC. Now for some things you want to remeber.
    ALL CAPS IS FROWNED UPON. This is the same as on forums and in email. Don't use all caps. It is considered screaming and you don't scream in real live to people all the time do you. SO DO NOT DO IT IN IRC.
    Sometimes it is neccasary to make you point clear. Other times don't.
    Asking for a/s/l (age sex location) is frowned upon. This is the internet, these things are not important.
    If people beg me for opper they get kicked from the channel. If they persist I might put a ban on them.
    /me grins evil
    On some servers you will find a rules file by typing:

    I hope you are enjoying it so far. I will need another beer.

    Internet Relay Chat continued

    Lets move on.

    We have covered quit a few topics allready but there are more.
    Sometimes you do not want to leave a channel or quit IRC but you would like to have people know you are away from your keyboard and you cannot reply to any messages they send you. You can use

    the following command:
    /away reason
    /away I am making some phone calls
    This way people will not get upset when they /msg you.
    They will recieve the message you set so they will know you are on the phone and can not respond at that time.

    You can also obtain user information by the following two commands
    The /who will take the <user> or the <channel> parameter.
    So if you perform a
    /who #channel_name
    you will get information on all users in the channel.
    The /whois will only take the <user> command.
    So /who noODle will give you information about yours truly.
    Note here that many clients will let you know if someone is performing one of these so called

    CTCP's on you.
    CTCP stands for Client To Client Transfer Protocol.
    You can also retrieve information on a user after he/she left by using:
    /whowas user

    More CTCP commands are:
    (the ctcp is not always neccesary)
    /ctcp <user> ping
    This will ping a user once and reports to repond time to you
    /ctcp <user> version
    This will give you the information of the program <user> is connecting with. Note that IRC users

    have a history of hexediting their clients to give costumized information. Don't be surprised if

    a user is connecting using gameboy or playstation.
    /ctcp <user> finger
    Gives you additional information on a user.
    /ctcp <user> userinfo
    Somewhat the same as finger.
    /ctcp <user> clientinfo
    Will give you information on what is enabled on the client of the user.
    /ctcp <user> time
    Gives you the local time of <user>

    You can also initiate Direct Chats (dcc) by using:
    /dcc <user>
    This will allow you to
    /dcc send <user> [filename]
    In other words. It will allow you to exchange files with other users.
    The other user will have to accept the inventation before the link is set up.
    Once the inventation is excepted you will have a direct connection to the other users. There are certain risks involved with this so be carefull when using it.
    To view what dcc's you have active you use:
    /dcc list
    And to close an active dcc you use:
    /dcc close nick

    /me grabs another beer

    Cool, I think we have learned quit a few. It is time we learn what to do once we become an chan operator.
    If you are on a server you can create your own channels by joining a non exsitant channel.
    Say the server you are on does not have a channel called #IAMUB3R. Use
    /join #IAMUB3R
    to create the channel and join it. w00t we have instant op status.
    Now as an opperator you will have to control the channel. Now to get the following you should have two active IRC sessions open (with different nicks) or have some friends who want to join your chan. The first thing we will do is make the channel invite only. This means that noone can join the channel unless you invite them. To do this we will perform a:
    /mode #channame +i
    Now if someone want to perform a:
    /join #IAMUB3R
    they will get the following message.
    *** Cannot join #IAMUB3R (it's invite-only).
    Setting mode +p will do somewhat the same thing by making the channel private.
    That is okay. But the friend is coming over and you want hime to join. Send hime an inventation
    /invite <user> #channel
    /invite uraloony #IAMUB3R
    will send a message to uraloony to join the channel and it will look like:
    *** noODle invites you to join #IAMUB3R
    If uraloony now performs the join command he will succeed.
    Sometimes you will have an invite only channel but you do not notice that your friend has connected to the server and therefore you do not send hime an inventation.
    The friend can then knowck on the channels door to let his presence be known
    The syntax is:
    /knock #channel reason
    Then the channel gets a message saying you want to join.
    So if The_JinX connected and wanted in he could send a message like:
    /knock #IAMUB3R let me in dude
    The chan would get a message like [Knock] by The_JinX[here is some user info] (dude let me in).
    Nicenice. Now I can send him an inventation to join the channel.
    Now the knock messages can be annoying too. You can prevent people by knocking on your channel by
    [this is were the unfinished stuff ends]

    referances: :: IRC History
    AntiOnline Tutorials index

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    hahha nice post noodle, thanks for mentioning little ol us as well w00t

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    Looks like you covered everything he needs to know about irc and more

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