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Thread: What Are You?

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    Feb 2003
    Memphis, TN
    I love Ann Coulter.

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    AO Curmudgeon rcgreen's Avatar
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    Nov 2001


    I voted isolationist, but with reservations. I definitely don't fit into any party.

    The republicans are dominated by big business interests (Christians and other
    "traditional family" people have tried to make inroads, but are now being told
    that they are not welcome in the country club)

    The Democratic party used to maintain its majority status by being a broad coalition
    of labor, Catholic, Jewish, and southern white segregationists. Now it is dominated
    by socialist-authoritarian, feminist, and Hollywood interests

    In a way, I am libertarian by instinct, fearing government abuse and authoritarianism
    more than most anything else, but Libertarians are too doctrinaire and can't distinguish
    between some things like drug abuse, which ought not be a law enforcement issue,
    and abortion, which is the murder of a fellow human being. They remind me of that
    famous quote about foolish consistency

    I am isolationist in politics, but favor free trade. Call it inconsistent if you like. I love my
    country, but am not very "patriotic", at least not if patriotism means forcing conformity
    on everyone. I believe that communities should have local option on contentious
    social issues, as a safety valve on angry passions. If they want to honor homosexuals
    in San Francisco, it's no worry to me, as long as we can refuse to allow them to be Boy
    Scout leaders in Warren County Virginia.

    If some forsaken county in Kansas wants no alcoholic bevereges sold in their neighborhood,
    I am not forced to live there. If the people in Saudi Arabia want to worship the Devil,
    I won't nuke them, as long as they don't hijack any more airplanes over here.

    I favor free trade, because one of the best ways to appreciate a different culture
    is to use and enjoy the products that they make and sell, even if you don't like
    much else about them.

    On election day, I vote for the person, not the party.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    Aug 2001
    wheres the independent option, no i am not an independent
    [gloworange]I only see farther, well because I am smarter[/gloworange]

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    Sep 2002
    Radical Libertarian.....and PROUD of it!!!

    Go Finland!
    Deviant Gallery

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    Dead Man Walking
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    Jan 2003
    Republican all the way. Really nothing left to say that hasnt been said

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    Libertarian...registered Democrat.

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    Disgruntled Postal Worker fourdc's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Vermont, USA
    I'm so spoiled. In Vermont you don't have to declare a party, on primary day you ask for the ballot of the party you wish to cast. I never thought along party lines anyway.
    I'm in a union that tries to tell me how to vote but hey I can think for myself.

    I can't even declare conservative or liberal as once again depending on the issue I can see both sides and can go which ever direction I feel is right. I can make this decision free of the baggage that party or idealogical thinking traps one with.

    "Somehow saying I told you so just doesn't cover it" Will Smith in I, Robot

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    Aug 2001
    I don't need the state to tell me how to think, so I'm not Republican... And the Democrats... do they even know what they stand for themselves? American socialism is a joke, a charicature... rcgreen voted isolations, so I definitely can't pick that one...

    I'll just go for the coolest logo and wait for the glorious liberation of the people's technocratic republic of Vinnland by the combined forces of The United Territories Of Europe.

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    Old Fart
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    Jun 2002
    Richard Pryor had the right idea...VOTE FOR NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!!!!
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    AO Curmudgeon rcgreen's Avatar
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    Nov 2001


    rcgreen voted isolations, so I definitely can't pick that one...
    Hey Negative, have you bought a cowboy hat yet?
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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