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Thread: can i stop M$N Messenger???

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    Question can i stop M$N Messenger???

    i have a shared pc and i`m really tired of seeing my brother spending 8 hours a day talking bullshit anddownloading crap in my pc, so my question is:

    is there any way to avoid msn messenger from being executed even if it is reinstalled??

    i use win XP pro

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    If you have admin privalidges on the box couldnt you just deny him the right to use it under his account ?
    i dunno i have never used XP but in principal it should work
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    you could always get a firewall and deny access to the program... just an idea

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    i usezonealarm but the idea is he doesn`t know why messenger is not running, so i can tell: well i have no idea why it doesn`t work, uh how pitty!!

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    freejack, click start=>right click windows messanger=>properties=>security tab
    configure permissions for all accounts. If your brother hasn't got an
    account set one up by, click start=>control panel=>user accounts=>
    create a new account. Type new name=>click next=>pick an account
    type=>limited. I am pretty sure that this is all you need to do, i
    could be wrong, if so i will delete this post.
    Hope this helps. TidaL.

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    If you want to get rid of it, go to this site and follow the instructions. This should put a stop to him.

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    sorrry but none of the above have worked so far....i still need help

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    Go to my computer, click on c or whatever your drive is called. Go to program files. Find the file named messenger and rename it. (you may have to go to task monitor and end the messenger service first to be able to rename it) The icons will still show up but they will not be active. This will make it look like something is just wrong with the program. This works fine until messenger is reinstalled.

    Alternatively check out what m/s has to say:;en-us;302089

    Good luck.

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    you could always uninstall it

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    Tell your brother to go buy his own damn PC because you are sick and tired of having him gom yours up with all the crap he is downloading. If this is your box then he should at least have enough respect to use it according to your guidelines.

    Elsewise password protect your user account, setup a limited account for him and remove messenger from the shared folder so he cannot access it.
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