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Thread: How to Shut down Windows XP automatically...

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    How to Shut down Windows XP automatically...

    Hi all, Can some body tell how to shut down WinXP automatically? This is because every nite, before I'm going to sleep, I need to hear some music... so sometime I don't realize that I'm slept already.....


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    1)Right click on your desktop,scroll to new/shortcut

    2)In the location line,for shutdown type; shutdown -s -t 0 ie: shutdown(space)-s(space)-t(space)number zero

    3)Name the shortcut "Shut Down PC" or whatever you want.

    4)Now drag the icon from your desktop into the quick launch toolbar, resize the toolbar so all the buttons are visible, then delete the shortcut from your desktop.

    *To create a restart button the location line should read shutdown -r -t 0 name it restart pc and give it a suitable icon for restart.

    Or you can try this program

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    Hey Hey,

    before going to bed open a command prompt and type

    shutdown -s -f -t 3600
    shutdown is obvious it's the XP command prompt shutdown command.
    -s is for shutdown (opposed to restart or logoff)
    -f is to force all applications to close without warning
    -t 3600 says do it in 3600 seconds (you can have any number here.. 3600 would be 1 hour (60 seconds x 60 minutes).

    Ya beat me to it DeadAddict. I get side tracked typing posts and talking to people. However I'll leave this.. simple because it wants it to happen after he's fallen asleep and he's doesn't need his music, yours would shut it down immediately.

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    Ack good point Forgot to change the 0 to a higher number

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    Quick ShutDown - fast and easy-to-use shutdown tool that allows you to shutdown, reboot, hibernate, logoff, standby or lock your computer with the one mouse click. When QSD is running, an accurate miniature icon appears on the taskbar on the end opposite the "Start" button. You can choose to click or double click it with the left mouse button, and it shutdowns or reboots your computer. You can set a keyboard shortcut for any action - shutdown, reboot, hibernate, standby, lock, logoff and media eject. Quick ShutDown allows you to set your own tray icon to be displayed. Click it with the right mouse button to view the context menu. Also, QSD can automatically terminate applications if they are not responding making shutdowns both quicker and safer. In addition, Quick ShutDown can eject removable media drives at shutdown preventing you from losing your disks and CDs by leaving them in the drive when you leave.

    It is possible to use Quick Shutdown from the command-line.

    Usage: qsd.exe [-f] [-s] [-r] [-l] [-h] [-d] [-k] [-e:x:]
    Forces all running applications to exit during the shutdown instead of giving them a chance to gracefully save their data

    Shutdown the computer

    Reboot the computer

    Log off the user

    Hibernate the computer


    Lock workstation

    Eject drive x
    \"SpeAk YouRSelF\"

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    you can also try this .....

    Righ Click Desktop -> properties-> Screen Saver -> click on Power ....and you can choose in how many minutes or hours (depends how fast you fall asleep) you want the computer to Hibernate or Standby ....

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