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Thread: what is port 33367

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    what is port 33367

    hey guys, anyone know what port 33367 is for? I've had literally thousands of hits on that port dropped by my iptables firewall/router. I did a search on google and surprisingly didnt get anything too useful. Does anyone else see this activity?


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    The best bet for your situation is that somebody might have tried to infect you with a trojan, and edited the port at which it connects at. A lot of trojans (Sub7, BackOrifice, etc.) allow customization as to which port it connects at (as opposed to the default). So ya never know.

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    correct me if I'm wrong folks, but port 33367 is used for attempts on Linux/FreeBSD 4.x machines...using the GL port

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    33367 is an unassigned port as seen on the IANA site and it is not associated specifically with any trojan, virus or worm I'd have to agree with plastic here and say that the most likely scenario is a script-donkey has merely changed the port setting on whatever crap he/she is trying to pass along to you.

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