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Thread: Linux password

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    Linux password

    Help, we are in a group at TAFE and we have forgotten the password to our Red Hat version 9.
    We are stuck and need help urgently, we rememerb the login, but the password is escaping us.
    Any advice would be great and NEEDED

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    Ok I can go two ways with this i can say you are either trying to Social Engineer us or I can say that you are actually dimb enough to forget your password, in either case your f...ed So let's see I will be nice if you prove to me that you have honsetly lost your passwORD i will help you. Now I have a couple of questions first did you lose the Root password or the password to an account in that system if you lost root you are pretty ****ed as I said earlier if you just prove that you actually are who you say you are I will give you the answer. This should be some fun at least. Oh one more thing. How many people are there in the group because from what you said there is more then one person talking are you Schizoprenic (God I know taht is spelled wrong)
    Untill then.

    Mr Jizz

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    Social Engineering or not cracking these passwords off of one single box alone can be a painfully slow proccess unlike windows which many has many login flaws for many types of logins (& flaws in many other things too LOL) which are very well exploited and documented. (Example) Those old sam files in NT, and those old tricks in 9x, and most recently there was a major flaw in one of XP's logins.

    And another thing... you said the word "we" as in a entire group of peaple forgotten their passwords?!? Hummm.... I can only wonder what goes on inside a large room full of you peaple. And im sure there must be someone with a little bit of rights to your box who can change a few things around for you. Theres no admin or project/group leader around?

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    Damnit Specialist I was going to have some fun with this guy

    Come on do you know how hard it would be to convince me.

    If I remember correctly there is a couple progrmas out there right now that will find the RH9 password the encryption for it isn't that hard I heard I can't vouch for that.

    Now considering that you really do need that password and your entire group of people forgot the password you guys got bigger problems then. The password,
    How does the statment go "If you VCR is still Blinking 12:00 you don't want Linux."

    Very true statement if you ask me.

    Down grade to NT or xp there good for people that want a Network.

    But please tell me that you are joking when you say that the entire group lost th password.

    That is just sad.

    Mr. Jizz

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    Originally posted here by whizkid2300
    Damnit Specialist I was going to have some fun with this guy
    Yo, relax Whiz. This guy still hasn't told his story known as ("Indiana Jones & the temple of the lost RH9 password.") We could atleast wait and listen to his funny or plain 'ol stupid story before telling him that hoping on one foot while barking like a dog will instantly bring him passwords & good luck, or that double clicking on his eye balls will make him uber.

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    Alright I will wait but Ihave been missing all the guys coming in here wanting people to teach them to hack I thought I might have finally got one and Oh the fun I can have. I am reading a book on RH9 the things I can suggest. Oh boy. But yeah your right I will wait.

    Mr Jizz

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    You should be able to use the install disk to do it or you can mount the drive on another install and erase the password or you can boot into single user user mode and change it with passwd. If you don't have local access you will have to figure that out on your own. Don't they teach you anything in school Cheers
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    Assuming that you have physical access to the server and assuming that you have the RH9 CDROM....and assuming that you are authorised to gain root............

    boot from cdrom
    take options for 'recover' system (or similar)
    login as root (a passwd is not required )
    mount / -n -o remount,rw (this remounts the / partition as writeable)
    issue the passwd command and set your new root passwd

    Hope this helps

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    Not that I'm suggesting you would be dumb enough to use your default password but anyway. Check out my default password list

    Also note : Anyone using this for malicious purposes will be tracked down by a crack team of hit ninja chipmunks and castrated.

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    or read my nifty little linux root password changing howto

    same disclaimer as mark_boyle2002 applies
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