Hello All:

You might remember me having problems with Windows 2000 server and my XP clients. Hey, what can I say, I am really new at this and kind of forced into this posetion with pretty much no help.

Anyway, when I log on to my Windows 2000 Server with my Windows Xp Clients my secuirty POLICEY is NOT downloaded. Being a half smart Administrator I went to my event log and looked at the Application Log, I found the following two errors dealing with group policies: 1030, 1058

So I researched those two event ids, and I got a 'fix', in which I am to Enable the DFS client with a registery key, and to enable file and print sharing (which is againist my secuirty instincts). Anyway this is exactly what I did: http://www.jsiinc.com/subk/tip5100/rh5168.htm

I did everything on that webpage. I restarted my XP machine, and still no luck. Still had problems, and the group policey STILL did not download.

Hope someone can help me from drowing in Windows 2000 Server confusion.

- Andrew