Okay, fire away!

make it go suicide with only one post?
Suuure, why not? I have a lotta time on my hands anyway.

Just be glad it was not a hoe-down thread like on Souleman's site If you wanna hear a hoe-down on anti-points, AO or whatever, I'll make another thread on that!

In fact, let's make this the AO Suicide Thread Hoe-Down (if the name is copyrighted, sorry. Hoe-Down is a registered trademark of Whose Line Is It Anyway, subsidary of the BBC, blah,blah,blah Drew Carrey and associates)


I got really drunk and bored and decided to make a hoe-down thread,
Where we do not talk about security but a whole lotta nothing instead,
If you get the inkling and if you get the drive,
Come and sing along with me and see if this thread will survive.