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Thread: redirect port

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    redirect port

    Hi i have a real newbie Q here ..
    Im trying to redirect my own port (for a http tunnel) so i can access some features on yahoo.
    Yahoo uses a specific port which is blocked by my proxy and i need a Windows XP program that can redirect ports.
    Can anyone tell which program can do that??

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    I'm not sure if I fully understand the question but this should do the trick

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    THx for that real fast reply, but i just installed it and it wont help...

    Basically the idea to do that is the yahoo games section, which binds to port 11999 and my proxy blockes that port, so I use desproxy for windows as a tunnel to access yahoo.
    Nnow i need something that can loop back my outgoing packets and redirect them to port 11999, so that desproxy can send them as port 11999.
    In Linux the iptables would do that, but in windows... uh.. im not sure.

    I hope that helped a little..

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    If you go to You can download FPIPE. This will serve your needs.

    Description from Foundstone:
    "Command line port redirector for NT/2000. Now with UDP piping capability. Only port redirector we know of that can bind to a static port..."

    Hope this helps!

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