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Thread: Charging for Every E-Mail sent ?

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    Post Charging for Every E-Mail sent ?

    I don't think this thread was posted previously , but i'll give it a go. People claim microsoft is going to start charging for every E-Mail sent to avoid spam and such. Just wanted to know what everyone here at AO thought of this madness. Full story here
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    MS can kiss my @$$ if they are going to start charging for emails sent. what they should do is develop better filters. the better the filter the less spam that will be going around.

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    In a way it will be nice to not have spam, but I think I would rather have spam than have to pay MS to send an email.

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    Pay microsoft for sending a email Hell I dish out enough money for postage stamps. The day I give Microsoft money for sending a e-mail for me is the day hell freezes over. and I don't see that happening anytime soon I think this is another money making scheme created by microsoft to get more money out of users.

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    Who does this affect?? Outlook users, or are they planning on taking control of all email services? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but i followed all the links on this subject, and there is no detail on the software, or OS.

    M$ is really reaching the top of my blacklist as time goes by. Damn they suck.
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    I guess this might be a good time to get into advertiser supported webmail services - if M$ is seriously considering this there'll be a quite a few million hotmail users wanting a new home

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    I am glad that I don't use hotmail or any of microsoft's products. if they start charging users to send out mail they will just move to someone else that will do it for free

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    Pay microsoft for sending a email HAHA they can kiss my before i paid

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    Microsoft is proposing charging for each email message sent. The proposal is called the "Penny Black Project" and is intended to reduce the amount of spam received by charging senders a minimal amount in order for their message to be delivered. While such a system would cost the average person little, it would add significant costs to spammers who send millions of messages at a time.
    I dont understand how they can do that. They dont own the internet. The only people they can start charging for sending mail would be Outlook and hotmail users. Or maybe they might charge others to send mail to hotmail users.

    Corporations sure gonna get pissed if this happens. Imagine the charges they'll rack up from all the company mail that goes around. and most users will switch to other mail providers other than hotmail.

    This is one sure way to give people the push they need to move to *nix.

    So maybe this is a good idea after all.........

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