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Thread: Blaster Writer Caught

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    Originally posted here by Ennis

    Sorry but its just funny when you think of a bunch of nerdy teens in a dark lane pushing around an even nerdier teen for

    'Putting tha' muvva*****er virus on my puter, man!'

    Sorry, crazed mental imagery.
    Hah.. you find that funny? I called out an entire LUG here once. They took shots at my server (because it was hosting my schools lug (a favour for the guy running the LUG)), so I challenged them either to a linux test and they said no way... then I went and called them out.. they all cowered in the room like little babies. It woulda been one nerd beating 20 nerds

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    Originally posted here by thehorse13
    LOL, I *love* the last post.....

    However, more than likely, when this calms down the kid will be approached and hired to do development/security work and will end up making a boat load of cash. I know of serveral instances where this has happened.
    <cough>Kevin Mitnick</cough>

    Sorry but its just funny when you think of a bunch of nerdy teens in a dark lane pushing around an even nerdier teen for
    I didnt think of it that way, but that is pretty funny....
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    <cough>Kevin Mitnick</cough>
    Actually the guy that wrote the Anna Kournikova worm got offered a job the same day he turned himself in (by the local government fcs, it was a drag and drop/point and click worm, no knowledge required).
    He got feind with 180 hours of community service or something.

    I am glad the (supposed) writer got caught, perhaps that will disencourage some of the other wannabees out there.
    However I think they will have a way harder time catching the one (or group) responsible for the Sobig.F who had other purposes then simple causing trouble (from what I have read the downloads that got prevented were supposed to make victim boxen into some sort of open relay for spam senders. KaChing).

    Good catch but remember that there are people with serious criminal intent out there also, not just imature people, disgruntled employees etc..

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    From what i understand this is just some guy who took the original and slightly modified it. Just a lamer copycat , am i misunderstanding?
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    If he goes to prison , I hope that he is "a pretty boy"

    Otherwise, I have a cople of "mole" wrenches I have not fully tested yet...........

    We can live without these types?


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    From what i understand this is just some guy who took the original and slightly modified it. Just a lamer copycat
    This is a correct statement.
    The group that discovered the bug was very discreet once they released their advisory (when MS released the patch).
    The blaster was merely a copy and paste with slight modifications like you said. That is why I think the person responsible should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The group that discovered the bug acted responsible, the person that released the worm acted like a retard.

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    what so ever it be lamer or anything...but this tell us the alarming no. of younger geration coming to Digital Underground crowd.....

    But we need to tap their talent for more useful work by recognising their talent....instead of them wasting it here and there...
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    The culprit has been identified as Jeffrey Lee Parson, aka "teekid". He did admit to modifying the original Blaster code and creating several sub-versions.

    Here is the original article as well as a picture of the dude.... By the way, he is 6'4 and 320 pounds,2933,95978,00.html

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    Wow, that dude looks like he eats paste and wears Linux t-shirts to the prom. LOL.

    Sorry, I couldn't help it. I am an evil mean monster.

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    The kid is asked to join the army next as a deal made by his lawyer ..................5 years down the road he works for NORAD
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