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Thread: AVG antivirus

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    AVG antivirus

    Recently my AVG antivirus program has failed to boot all the way on start up, saying "Driver Core not found." Does anyone have an idea of whats going on? is this the work of a virus? ive scanned with AVG and turned up nothing but is AVG already comprimised? any feedback would be appreciated! thanx

    oh yeah, and ive already reinstalled it

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    Is it possible the download of AVG was corrupted ?

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    i downloaded it straight from the site! i did a search on it and it leads me here;EN-US;Q814437 it doesnt allow me to fix AVG though, it just tells me to download it again which i have already done

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    Did you remove AVG from your startup folder?

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    I poked around on google a little bit, and it seems the people who have this problem are people who upgraded their OS, e.g. from ME to XP, and after they added SP's to their current OS. Did you do either of those things? And also, did you completely uninstall your current version of AVG before you dl'ed it again?

    I don't understand why someone would have a problem w/ AVG and XP running together, it runs fine for me, but I did a clean install and dl'ed AVG afterwards, so maybe it is the upgrading process that does it?
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    I am running AVG and have had no problems with it running on XP. Are you downloading it using dial-up or broadband? Either way it could be a corrupted file during download but it is more likely with a dial-up. Make sure that after you have deleted the application you remove all files and folders. Sometimes you may think that you removed the program but there are still files from that program on your HD that could be causing the problem.


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    but i didnt upgrade , xp came installed. i will try to uninstall and delete everything associated with avg and install again. i never had problems wiht it until like a week ago. ill install it again and get back to you

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    i have a clean install of xp pro. my xp and avg dont get along at all. i also noticed when i downloaded the service packs, the avg icon replaced the regular icon in the add/remove list. it also kept freezing up and was kinda jerky/stop n go action. much like a hard drive on the fritz. after i got rid of avg and its leftovers, xp runs great. i now use norton 2003 with no problems. i have used avg on other versions of windows (98, me) with no problems whatsoever.

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    Hi everyone
    I think AVG (Free Version, Program Version 6.0.560, Release date 02/09/2003, Database version 352 release date 08/01/2004) does not recognise or detect virus kbddrv32.exe, cmdcon.exe, vidcntl.exe.
    Can Anyone help
    Thanks in advance
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    Richy I'm assuming that you are infected with those viruses. You might wanna try these:

    [1]Trend Micro - Free online virus Scan
    [2]BitDefender Scan Online

    Give that a shot and see if those work for you.
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