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Thread: windows update

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    windows update

    Hello all, I have been off line for a couple of weeks now and as a result have not
    updated any patches from microsoft. I am back on line now and visited the windows
    update site to download any critical patches i may have missed downloading.The problem
    is that i can't seem to access the avaliable downloads anymore. Have i missed something
    while away? Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks.

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    Hi Mate!

    What OS are you running?
    Have you tried the icon in your start menu?
    Do you get to the MS site?

    There has been this MSBlaster worm in the timespan you mention................could be that you are pointing at the old MS update site?

    You might try google or another serach engine; get the Microsoft site and do it manually?.......suggest you update the autoupdate thingy first?

    Hope this helps.........please keep us informed.


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    Thanks for the quick response nihil, I am running xp pro, and have tried the
    icon on my start menu. This took me to the update site but when i click on scan for
    updates i keep getting an error message saying that windows has encountered an
    error and cannot display the requested page. I also tried google as you suggested
    and followed links to the update site, but i am still unable to access any avaliable
    downloads. I had previously disabled the auto update and was checking the site
    often to download manually and was doing so without any problems. Should i enable
    the auto update again or could there be a problem with other settings?

    p.s. I havn't caught a marlin yet or been to Cairns, but i am definately looking forward
    to being in Broome, relaxing on a deserted beach with a rod in one hand a cold beer
    in the other, and watching the western sun set on another fine day downunder. cheers.

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    I agree with the manual update approach as well..........maybe a bit cautious but?

    Try any of the big AV suppliers and run their special tool for MSBlast & might have been infected? Also update and run your AV...........some of these things are protecting themselves nowadays You might try an online scanner such as Trend Microsystems'?

    Also, get SpyBot Search & Destroy update and run, and Ad Aware 6.0 and do the same........I guess we need to eliminate some of the obvious ones?

    Then try running the system repair utility in XP...........hell!, that is desperation

    I have a couple of other ideas but would like your feedback on these first



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    Try using the Software Automatic Update to get patch maybe?
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Have you still got service pack 1 installed. Aparently if it is uninstalled you can have this issue with Win update. Gives a fix for this problem.
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    When you are trying the M$ site are you using your proxy?.. if so try without.. Sometimes it can be a problem..


    BTW: can't get much further from home than Melbourne to Broome.. .. cept maybe Kunnanurra
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    If you have any spyware or adware blocker, disable it before you visit the windows update webpage, because M$ has pass the job to akamai. your spyware or adware blocker will block the update webpage whenever it redirect it to


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    Thanks all for your assistance. I was getting a security warning from my firewall
    regarding and not being sure of the source i blocked all attempts to connect.
    Should i allow this through ? Is this the problem? The warning appears everytime i scan
    for updates. Thanks again for your time in assisting. TidaL.

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    Yes, this could be the problem, suggest you enable it when you visit the Windows Update webpage. As I said, they have decided to pass the job to after the MSBlast incident.


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