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Thread: unofficial guide to ethical hacking

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    unofficial guide to ethical hacking

    Ive been considering getting "the unofficial guide to ethical hacking"... has anyone read that??? should i get it or should i spend my money elsewhere?
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    Most of the articles are available online ( or other sources)..
    If you want to read a good book about computer security read 'hacking exposed' or 'counterhack'.
    A search on AO or on google will show you more information.

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    It was the first book I bought on "hacking" and I think it would be worth it if you are a real newbie to this kind of thing. Most of the articles were availible online at, but he apparently has had some problems with his site ( The book did offer a lot of information, but looked like he just went online and copied/pasted it all into a book. As for the books Cerveza recommended, I can't say as I haven't read them, but you should look into them, as I have heard that they are good reads.

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    I bought the book and wasn't too impressed myself. Parts of it seemed thrown together, like the part on windows error messages and what they mean. Most of the stuff I already knew anyways, I guess I should have spent some more time reading through it before I bought it. Other than that, however, it is a good starting point as it does give you a basic overview on windows and how it operates, etc. It had some cool tips and tricks, but thats about all I personally got out of it. If you have lots of windows experience, I wouldn't really recommend it, but if you're completely new, as I already said, its a good starting point.

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    its a good guide 4 a newbie. worth read if u wanna b a tru biginner
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    The book written by an Indian kid called Ankit Fadia(who is just abt 18 now) has written quite a good book.He teaches u basics of everything in computers like tweaking & playin with Win 98,ping,batch pro'ing,assembly,telnet,c,virus codes,java.But it is obvious that all this in 1 book means not much detail about everything.Butthings can be follwed up.
    U willl not find the whole book on his site,i tried that.Good book 4 medium knowledge people.
    Worth reading(the guy is really serious about his ethics though),

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    He's serious about his ethics? Please. He encourages you to attack your ISP. That's not ethical IMHO. I read the book and found that the majority was either what he had written on his site or what someone else had written (and he didn't give them credit for it). A lot of it relates to older technology (Windows 95/98) which has no security to begin with.

    I wouldn't recommend this to anyone personally.
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