This thread should be called WinXP annoyances (well general windows for that matter).
the "features" that are added and/or removed from on version to another.. see they removed Crashalot.exe and replaced it with Remove-commonUsedDesktopIcons.exe.

I hate WinXP, the All Programs menu dosen't sort the folders and programs in alpabetical order.. I much rather Win 95 it atleast did that[
dambed and I love trying to find a program icon among the 150 or so that are on the desktop also.. wtf is the Quickstart toolbar and why should I use it
I don't need that buble help, it is bloody annoying.. they shouldn't impose such crap on users
Oh.. I wonder what that icon is, I dont want to open my dialup status but I wonder what i have d/l sofar...
and that poxy Blue in the standard setup
Well I love blue.. so there

Just a bit of light heartedness..