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Thread: Linux Hold Ups

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    Linux Hold Ups

    I have a split network that meets through a Windows box. I have it set this way for monitoring, but this stage is over and I will be building one network and I want it to be of linux majority. I was originally using Devil Linux .5 (Firewall/Router) - US Robotics Wireless (Firewall/Router) Box 1 (RedHat - Hardwire) - Box 2 (Icepack/XP Wireless) - Laptop 1 (Win2K/RedHat 9 Wireless/Hardwire) Laptop 2 (WinXP Wireless) - Print Server - Box 3 (TestBox - Hardwire)

    The problem I am having is that I want my network to come in through my DeadBox (BareBone Running Devil Linux) connected to my US Robotics Wireless Router. From there I want a Hardwire connecting to The TestBox & Box 1. I want a wireless connection to Box 2, Laptop 1, and Laptop 2. However, I cannot seam to get Linux to handle the drivers for the US Robotics Wireless cards. Is there a place I can find these drivers or am I going to have to replace the wireless cards.

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    They had a couple of .bin files. Would those be drivers for linux? I'm not sure if they are. If that is not the right card just go up one directory and see if you can find your card on the list. Hope this is what you are looking for.

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