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    Cool online project

    Hello guys,
    I need some help.I am student of MSCS, i have to make my final project. I want to make an online project.Please tell me which kind of project, i should develop.
    I have time of round about 5 months.
    I know html and asp languages, and corel draw, photoshop, flash tools.
    I need some ideas.
    good ideas will be appreciated.


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    That's still a pretty broad subject. Did you have a few things in mind already? Or are you at a complete blank?

    Are you looking to do something interactive? Or just informative?

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    what exactly you want to create??
    you can make a website or webbased online mall (shop)... or you can also go for informative website, professional one, or just a creative website or you can also create an online group...
    first take a basic idea... decide what you want to create...
    Now is the moment, or NEVER!!!

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