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    hello guys,
    I want to know the difference between pointer and reference. Are these similar or not. Please explain me.



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    Pointer and reference are similar in some ways while they are really different. It's really not easy to explain the difference but I will see if I can clarify for you.

    Pointers can be used to create link lists, stacks etc but reference can't. You can de-reference a pointer. Well reference is an address whilst a pointer points to an address. So I guess what am trying to say is that a pointer can be treated as a reference but a reference can't be treated like a pointer.

    I hope that helps.

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    read this tut if you want to learn how pointers work:
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    I guess cutty said it best when you talk about a reference you're talking about an specific space in memory where something is, the adress to it. Whereas a pointer is something that points to somewhere in memory, you usually assign this refrences to pinters. I recommend you reading about pointers for they are a little bit tricky at first but a very useful tool later on when dealing with dynamic memory specially.
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