Well, it defiently took me a long time to write this tutorial...it covers the preprocessor and what it does and how to use it. Also, this tutorial will cover how to make comments in C++ using preprocessor directives. We will learn how to write named macros and parameterized macros and how to make header files and how to use them in your programs. Because i was bored, at the end i included all of the Escape Characters i could think up of and i made a list of books that helped me learn C++ when i was young and that i would recommend. Anyways, download the .zip file and unzip it. Then open up Pre-processor.doc. If you don't have Microsoft Word, just save it as a Rich Text File (.rtf). The tutorial is pretty long, 7 pages to be exact, but i think it is worth reading. Anyways, enjoy guys...i spent a lot of my weekend writing this