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Thread: Last Call: Looking for articles for AO Insight #10!

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    Want an article on DNA computers?
    They are pretty interesting from the 5 seconds I spent reading and the 2 minutes my mom spent explaining them to me. I'm not sure to many people would find it useful though. Good luck with it.


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    I can write a tutrial on basic commands in *nix.Tell me if there is some other interesting topic uncovered & also the procedure.

    Originally posted here by MsMittens
    Actually, there are numerous tutorials (a couple by me) in the Tutorials section on basics of Linux/*nix common programs and commands.

    I am however looking for people to write an article or two! I don't want to be the only one writing for this issue... please.

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    How about...

    - how to build a honeypot
    - how to detect honeypots
    - how to use tcpdump to the fullest

    Just look through the tutorials Index to see what has been covered (basic *nix commands has been done a few times). Think of something and let me know.
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