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    ok i was j.w what is the best linux to get i have used red hat 8 and realy liked but is 9 ne better or what should i get for a more of a home use??

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    Ther is now "better" one my advice would be to try as many as you can (linux + windows) and find the os that you like and is best suited to your needs
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    Decide what you want from your O/S, general purpose, games, education etc, go through the list of available distributions, read the descriptions, ease of use, interfaces etc, you can try as many as you want, and then decide what is most suitable for your needs
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    Just to add. It also depends on what hardware you plan to run it on. If you have older hardware or not alot of ram I would suggest you use a less bloated version of linux than red hat and I definately dont use kde or gnome instead use something lighter and quicker I personally use Fluxbox and XFce i have found them to be not only faster but offer more features for customization. Hope this helps.

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    I think for home use the Mandrake and RH are the best. wait till the end of this months and u will get to download Mandrake 9.2 (am waiting on fire for it).
    If you want to know more about other distributions is a good place.

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    Search Funtion

    Try using the search function in the forums. This question has been asked more times than I can count.
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    ok thnx everyone i will take ur advice and try as many as posible

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    i just downloaded RH 9 today and plan on installing it tonight, i will reply back tell you what i think of it.

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    I have used Redhat 8.0 & 9.0, Lycoris 8.0 and Mandrake 9.0 & 9.1 and think that Mandrake 9.1 is definetly the best of all of them. It has a great package selection that includes games, office and productivity software, programming software, 3 or 4 different web browsers and more. I strongly reccomend this distro.

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    I think that Red Hat is still one of the best distros. Plenty of support too. Has just about everything you would want in a distro. Plus it has a nice interface for installation making it easier for newer users to get it installed on their systems.
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