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Thread: Cisco Router Question

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    Cisco Router Question

    I was wondering if someone here at AO could point me in the right direction. I would like to know more about Cisco hardware starting on a basic level. As I plan on trying for my CCNA here within the next 6 months. Does anyone recommend a router to start with (i.e. model/type) that would help me start on my learning path. I'm looking to spend around $200 - $300. I know that a lot of the Cisco hardware is expensive and I don't want to drop a ton of money on a 24 port router that I'm never gonna get any use out of once I'm done with it (unless of course I hook up 22 more computers in the house). Anything within the 4 - 12 port range would be perfect. Hopefully I made the question as forward as I can. Thanks.
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    I personally do not think you can go wrong with any cisco router you get...they are all practically good
    ill look into it thought and post again by the end of the day


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    See post by FrameWork at the following link
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    s your budget strict?

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    You do not need to buy a router for the CCNA exam. Unless of course you have extra money you want to spend.

    There are plenty of good router sim apps available, and they would be much cheaper. The CCNA is basically high level commands and concepts and will not require an actual router. Even if you had a Cisco router, it won't do you any good because most stuff is going to require at least 2 routers anyway.

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    not a very good one...but..hey..itll still lookin into it for ya.

    best of luck

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    If you want to get your hands dirty with real cisco gear in preperation for your CCNA you can use two cisco 2501 routers w/ a DTE/DCE cable (or two). With the routers configured back-to-back it will give you the proper equipment to practice the various skills needed to sucessfully navigate the CCNA.

    A little additional background for those who aren't familiar with cisco gear...

    The 2501 has two Serial Interfaces, One AUI interface, 1 Console, and 1 aux connection. (AUI = use an ethernet transceiver)

    The 2500 series are kind of the old workhorse of the cisco world. The are an older series of routers than the newer products from cisco. The are a little slower and a little less max memory,etc. Don't let that scare you though...There are still TONS of them in production enviroments running like tanks The benifit of them being a bit older is they are inexpensive and available on ebay. Cisco's command line interface is the same on all the routers so as a student it won't be different worlds when you move from you lab to production environments somewhere.

    When I bought my CCIE lab I spoke w/ Michael Beacom @ Optimum Data ( He is their "Build-your-own-lab" guru. He got me all set up with pretested equipment w/ a warranty for cheap. Michael know cisco and knows the in's and out's of cisco certification. He will make sure you get what you need.

    I would also advise you to check arround on ebay for CCNA or 2501 and see what you come up with. This may be a cheaper route, but most times it won't come with a warranty and you don't really know who your dealing with.

    Good Luck!


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    screw my idea....go with that last one

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    I highly recommend getting your hands on something running the Cisco IOS. Knowing how to input commands and when to input commands (config vs enable mode) is just as important as knowing what commands to use. The previous posters refer to various resources to find routers. There are also smaller routers such as Cisco 800/1600's which are slightly cheaper, but they have the Cisco IOS which is what you really need. The 800/1600 probably have enough of the command set to help with the CCNA.

    Good Luck!
    - Boyam

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    like i asked your budget strict?...because if you can flex a little....

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