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    Linux RH 9

    Hey, i'm at work now, but last night i finished downloading the 3 RH 9 ISO files from and was planning on installing it today when i get home. From what i understand the 3 ISO files that i downloaded only contain the bare minimum with almost no software. I was wondering if i could get a few good websites posted in here that have some good software downloads for my Linux.

    Thanks in advance, Spools
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    I wouldn't say that it comes with the bare minimum. I think there are lots of useful tools that come with it. But I guess that all depends on what you use it for. I personally haven't installed any extras except Jbuilder9 to do my java programming. Another site is, I've only used it a couple of times in the past, but it seemed to have what I was looking for. Just think of a program you want and do either a google search on it or a search on and you're bound to find it. I think you'll like RH9, I do.

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    Those three ISO's that you downloaded are the entire install for redhat linux 9, minus the source and documentations CD's, like you would get from the store. They include hundreds and hundreds(if not thousands) of applications, including at least one complete office suite, many different text and gui internet tools, including browsers, mail clients, irc clients. Several different desktops. Security tools such as packet sniffers, port scanners, etc. etc. Servers such as apache, samba, sendmail, postfix, mysql, postgresql, bind etc.etc.etc. . Tools for science and engineering, tools for programmers, blah blah blah blah the list goes on and on and on.

    There are very few things which cannot be done with only the stuff included on those three cd's.
    If you do find somethings that you need which are not available, the links provided above are a very good start for finding things, and of course the ever powerful google.

    Good luck, enjoy the journey, for that is what you are about to embark on.

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    I'm currently using RH 9.0 It does come with an awesome amount of software. There are a couple things that it lacks in order to compete with windows as a desktop system. First the popular WinAmp replacement 'XMMS' has had MP3 playing removed. I found that to be a little disapointing. Second there is no impressive video player.

    I have found that using Xine works quite well, though i havn't quite figured out how to setup the browser plug-ins. Other then that there isn't much that's left out. Even the games are pretty fun. I do recomened manually selecting packages to make sure you get the most of what you want.


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