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Thread: Why Windows is king

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    that is about what I thought. also it is how I deal with security(on linux systems). figure it out as I need it. I also rely very heavily in a firewall which I understand very very well, to prevent access to any service which I do not understand the security aspects of.

    That was my point regarding "Maximum Security Linux" it does a nice job of relaying the exploits which were current as of its date of publishing, and touches on most of the ongoing security issues which any administrator should know how to deal with, but none of those security books for linux are any better than that. Any "Linux" book you pick up tells you about the dangers of administering linux using telnet instead of ssh, or of running a server as root, or yadda yadda yadda, and most of those linux security books merely tell the same, and maybe give information about current(or maybe only months out of date) exploits.

    crap in other words.

    Of course you are correct, the way that any linux distro is just a collection of all sorts of open source tools does lead to a nightmare as far as documentation goes.

    I guess I am having visions of grandeur about heading down that path myself. I love the research aspect of security work regarding linux, but I dont want to embark on a hopeless project.

    Oh well, best to keep dreaming, and hold on to the limited life that I have, and not dive into some horrible impossible project.

    Would be nice to have my name published on that document though.

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    Would be nice to have my name published on that document though.
    Sadly, very few people have any appreciation for good documentation these days.


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