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Thread: which distro of linux

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    i Just have to say one thing . . .


    But don't listen to us, some one said in another threat, i don;t remmember who.(sorry for not remebering your name) If you have friends that use a distro of linux try going with that because you can use then as reference for problems that you might have. And also i recomend to go to their sites and look what they have to offer. and chosse the distro that fits youre needs.

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    why is everyone so keen on starting with one distro and then moving on to slackware? slack is just as easy to install as redhat is. the on screen mennu that you boot up to when you install explains everything. It says right in there that you press enter and then either fdisk or cfdisk, theres help for all of them, and you dont even need the book to install. its just not hard like poeple make you believe, i installed it right the first time i tried and still have yet to read a boo on it. its ok if you want the boot up screen to have Tux....but other than that its a waste of time to me. you can customise ANY Linux distro with what packeges you want to use, so saying its not bloated isnt relevent to anything. to me its just wasted time searching for packs I want, and having to install security patches by hand...thats a waste of time to me. if i wanted to do that Id use Free BSD. also, dont let anyone tell you slack is more secure or some bull like that, Linux is nothing but a Kernel, thats it. the programs and packeges you add make it a complete OS and all of them can usually be used with ANY distro. slack is no more secure than redhat. Why is this? because they are both Linux distros and both have the same packeges available. The only difference in any Linux distro tends to be nothing more than the install, and how you update and install packeges. thats about all youll find when it comes too difference. The installs look different on every distro, and the way you update. redhat has up2date, SuSE has YAST Online Update (YOU), Debian has apt-get upgrade, slack has .....heh, nothing that comes with it by default, and gentoo has the BSD rip off. so there, now you know, unless you go for some distro that was made FOR security, then theres no real difference other than installs and updates. Mandrake I like because it has a cool firewall and a nice UI that is easy to customize. also it works. even though i have been using SuSE and Debian alot lately. another thing, can we make a thread that has all of the threads that were started about which linux distro to choose, put the good parts in from each, and make it sticky? i havnt even been here that long and iv seen like 200 of these damned threads asking which distro is best. Ennis youll back me up on this right?
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