Its been forever since ive posted but i figured what the hell why not give the lil fella some advice...

I am currently inrolled in the CCNA classes, the new version of the course v3.0 is NOT a peice of cake, its a tough class, they raised the bar quite a bit, but it also teaches you A LOT more then you really need to know, now some might say thats a good thing. They really go in depth into the different layers of the OSI and TCP/IP model, they study the actual hardware and physics of how it all works, and they also go in depth more into how to run a more reliable network.... i reccomend this class over a microsoft class ANY day! MS you can learn on your own, alot of the things tought in this class is more difficult to study by yourself.

As far as Linux certs go, there arent too many of them out, and not too many are looking for them either.... linux is the type of thing that its either you know your ****, or you just dont qualify, i think picking up a good linux manual and reading that would be equally as good as getting your cert, start up your own server w. a shitty PII box and watch how things work and how they break.

good luck to ya