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    Hey guys sorry if this one is going to bug you but i need some help. Not on sending exploiys 'Cause i know how to do that but on writing them. Okay here i do not want to download exploits from the internet i want t make my own. So i do not make them in C i want batch. Thanks

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    I hope that you will use these exploits that you write only on your own network or networks that you have written permission to do so. I know that there are a few tutorials on .bat files in the tutorials forum. That along with should be enough to get you started. I recommend that you set up a home network with a few diff operating systems, obviously with mostly windows if you want to do .bat exploits. To write exploits you have to know a heck of a lot about what you are trying to exploit. So learn everything you can about everything. Finally, I would just like to say, please don't do anything illegal or stupid.

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    I would agree with h3r3tic, this could simple just be a programming/security lession. Thats fine, its just when you turn around and exploit others systems/computers that you have crossed the line. Good luck and keep it legal
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    I am assuming that your motives are honourable. If they are not, this advice will not be of any use to you anyway, so no harm will have beeen done

    The first thing you must do is set up a test environment on an old machine (a 486 will do) You need a copy of Win95 or Win98 (higher machine spec recommended for 98, unless you have a lot of patience!) These should be UNPATCHED in the first instance. This is the "victim"

    I recommend these OSes because they are really single user, and are intrinsically vulnerable. Also, the vulnerabilities are well documented so you can get started right away.

    I would format the drive to get rid of anything that is not going to be part of your study, and create two partitions (one to emulate a mapped network drive, if required).

    The exploit is written on a "predator" machine which is connected to the "victim" via a null modem cable. I would not recommend using a "live" network and CERTAINLY NOT YOUR SCHOOL/COLLEGE ONE...............the former because these things can, and do go wrong, the latter for very obvious reasons............or maybe you have an ambition to throw trash for the rest of your life

    You then write your exploit, test it, progressively apply patches and "harden" your machine in a progressive manner. That way you should learn how it all works. You will need to be patient, there is a learning curve! also you will get a lot of practice reformatting the "victim" box

    Be careful...............AND LEGAL


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    I agree with Nihil idea..
    You should use a old machine that you don't mind fruiting up, and once you've mastered so to speak win 98, move onto 2000 or maybe Xp.
    Then you'll get a more complicated challenge me thinks..
    I used to write expoits when i was learning about programming, and i practiced on a old Compaq 386, and although i had to reinstall the 0s nearly twice a day, i found that it was worth it.
    As it helped me to understand how Hackers developed there exploits and put them into use, so basically if your gonna try to write exploits make sure your using them on YOUR own computer.
    And don't be silly and unleash them onto a School system like nihil said.
    As this will only help you end up in a cramped cell with Bubba the friendly room mate..
    Anyhow happy learning and cheers

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