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    Hey guys another prob with windows i need some help look i messed my my PC by litnening to tis guy. He told me to change my internet settings. Man now it got all messed up i cannot use some of my programms.Someone help please.

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    Maybe you could:

    A: Tell us what this guy told you to do to your computer.

    B: Tell us what exactly he made your computer do/not do.

    Chances are that would help someone help you.

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    What did you change?
    What programs can you not use?
    Do you use a router with DHCP, or one with static ip, or just straight from the ISP with DHCP or static ip?
    Can you not connect to the internet or is there a different problem?

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    Well what happened is he told me to edit my certificate stuff you know the ones found in your LAN's properties. I mesed it up so bad. Some poit of time My PC would not connect to the internet. He told me that this will let me use my PC through a browser but it just ruined it.

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    He told me that this will let me use my PC through a browser but it just ruined it.
    By this did he mean that you could remotely connect to it. Why don't you just ask him to put it back the way it was?
    You are still kindof vague but I'm working on it. Hopefully I will figure it out.
    I saw something about certificates in the internet options but I have never messed with it and have no clue what it is for, but I'm pretty sure you can't connect to your pc remotely by doing something to it. Was it something with the certificates or the LAN settings or both?

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    Certificates in the LAN settings? Maybe you mean proxy settings? That would make more sense with programs no longer working, since this affect most products using IE's settings. If it was the case, were the fields empty before you had them changed? If not do you remember what was there?

    If you changed your certificates, unless you told it to block the certificates it will just ask you to trust the new ones as they find them and warn you that it's not in your trusted certificates.
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