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Thread: Is liberalism a form of communism?

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    Is liberalism a form of communism?

    It is, thogh many would disagree. For an explanation, talk to the republican, or pm me.

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    AO Curmudgeon rcgreen's Avatar
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    Unfortunately, the definition of the word "liberal" has been completely
    reversed in the last 100 years, so that modern american
    liberalism is a blend of socialist and fascist ideas, definitely authoritarian
    or "majoritarian'.

    Contemporary liberalism is not so limited a view. It is a comprehensive governing philosophy that determines the whole of public morality. While it sounds permissive, comprehensive solutions are usually intolerant in practice and liberalism is no exception. Contemporary liberalism sets forth categorical demands it calls "rights," and rejects balancing principles such as respect for natural tendencies and settled understandings. Without balancing principles abstract demands expand without limit. As a result, liberal standards have become all-embracing to the point of tyranny.

    Contrast it with classical liberalism which was a philosophy of
    individual liberty, anti-traditionalist, against inherited authority, and
    against conservatism
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    Re: Is liberalism a form of communism?

    Originally posted here by clintonsucks
    It is, thogh many would disagree. For an explanation, talk to the republican, or pm me.
    Without giving links to web pages, or quotes from others, what is your own definition of a "Liberal" and / or a "Communist", or as you have suggested in a previous thread, bballad was, a communist liberal.

    I am of course looking at this from an outsiders point of view, being in the UK, and the political system being somewhat different to that in the USA, but nevertheless would be interested in your opinions

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    central il
    It seems that his definition of communist liberal is any one who wants personal freedom, a smaller goverment, a goverment that stays out of your life, and a govement that dosn't propagate the private law of the wealthy....if thats the case then I a ma comunist.
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    I think where "Liberalism" is concerned and associated with communism and socialist ideals is the tendancy toward ensuring people citizens of the US become more and more dependent on government intervention to "help" them through their daily lives. I have a problem seeing how government dependance equates to freedom and democracy. That is where I can't agree.
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    I dont know if I would go that far. Whether or not you like liberals, I wouldn't say they are communist or anything like that.
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    Does somebody listen to Mike Savage???

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    There are liberal and conservative Republicans, there are liberal and conservative Democrats, and there are liberal and conservative Communists. Liberalism and conservatism are more points of view within a policital ideology than a policital ideology themselves.

    clintonsucks, for example, may be categorized as a conservative Republican. Where Arnold might be categorized as a liberal Republican.

    If we take clintonsucks' (and The Republican's) view, Arnold would be a Communist Republican.

    Maybe we are all communists, and you should really be asking, "Are you a Republican Communist, a Democrat Communist, or a Libertarian Communist."

    If you know your history, you also know that the Republican party (aka the Grand Old Party, GOP) was once the liberal point of view in America.

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    Mike savage was fired from his show on msnbc, but he still does a radio show doesn't he?
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    Savage still does his radio show. And he pisses a lot of people off in the process. I once heard him say not to take calls from anybody that lived in a rural location because they don't know **** and can't influence the real world. I guess he forgot that our vp is from Wyoming. Heh.

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