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Thread: chatrooms

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    I know what you're talking about, but we have some irc running now, with ops and opers in place right now, all setup. It wouldn't be much of a hassle to have some more ao-ers coming chatting.

    Like I said , they didn't need to worry about it , all they could do is put on a referrer , even legally they could attache a note on that referrer. The servers are running anyway
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    ok.......thnx everyone.......

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    /me is lhfao @ the gimp who gave a smartass answer only proving he didn't know the diff. between IRC and a chat room -


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    i dont care what AO users tend to saying AO should have one ON THIS WEBSITE!

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    Chat rooms are nice because you can get an answer to your question pretty fast. But the advantage that message boards have over chatrooms is the data is permanent; it doesn't just flow off the screen into oblivion. This enables people to use the database to search for answers and other info.

    It is also harder for somebody to flood a message board than a chatroom.
    severe limitation

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